Saturday, October 29, 2011

Help me travel around New Eden

I was chatting with someone yesterday in my in-game channel, BLACK'S TRAVELS, and they suggested that I use a Tech 3 ship to travel around New Eden. Now, with me being a -9.3 flashy red pirate, I laughed at the idea, thinking that using a T3 ship would just make me more of a shit magnet than what I already am. Not to mention losing it when I enter highsec because CONCORD will toast my ass...

But they pointed out a few things that made me think.
  • it's not affected by warp bubbles
  • it can use a covert ops cloak
  • it can fight battleship rats
Overall, it's a better ship to travel around nullsec with AND do some ratting to get my sec status back to normal, so that by the time I'm ready to enter highsec, I can do so without penalty.

In fact, the discussion made me think very hard.  But I can't afford to buy a T3 ship + subsystems + fittings. So my friend suggested I blog about this and get people to donate to help me with my travels.

I thought that's a great idea!  So he decided to donate some faction fittings for me, but that wasn't really going to work - any physical donations would have to be retrieved by me, and I didn't want to have to go galavanting around the galaxy to retrieve stuff for a ship to help me go galavanting around the galaxy.... If you know what I mean.

So it has to be donations of ISK only.  And that's when I came up with another cool idea.

I decided to make a large blank image that's 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels in size. For everyone who donates ISK to Black Claw (in-game), I will put a copy of their avatar on this image and, over time, fill it up with the avatars of all those who donated to help me around the galaxy.  

It's a bit empty at the moment, but this is just the beginning....

Those who have donated to help me travel New Eden

Click on image to expand to full size


In order to ensure all avatars can be seen, the minimum avatar size will be 10 pixels by 10 pixels (eg. 10 million ISK donation). Of course, I'll accept all ISK donations even if they're only 100,000 ISK, but I will only place avatars on this image if they've donated 10 million ISK or more.

So if someone donated 100 million ISK, then their image will be 100 pixels wide.  If there's ever the unlikely event that someone out there that actually donates a billion ISK or more, then I will add 1,000 pixels to the size of the 'canvas' to allow for the expansion. As avatars are added, I will upload new versions of this image.

Note: if your corp or alliance wants to donate ISK, I would be very grateful!  In this case, I would use your corp or alliance logo as your 'avatar'.

This is my way of thanking and rewarding all those who would like to help me with my travels, who are expressing their generosity in donating ISK to help me buy and fit a T3 ship. Everyone who donates will be recognised and thanked by having their avatar placed onto this image.

When you send me ISK in-game, please have 'Around New Eden' as the reason for your donation, so that I know to place your avatar on this image.

I would also really appreciate it if you share this blog post with your friends.

Naturally, I will provide updates in this blog on the donations, and my progress towards getting and using a Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser. 

Thank you for your support!


  1. Tengu though, right? Align time tank -> win.

    Somebody poasted a slightly over-the-top blockade running type fit and I chipped in in the discussion a bit. Cloaky/nullified tengu are almost literally invincible; I've never heard of one dying, ever.

    Fwiw, stealth bomber is a better ratting ship (for guristas).

  2. My biggest donation provider so far ended up losing all his ships and needing 80% of his donation back... LOL I think he was sad his image went a whole lot smaller.