Sunday, October 09, 2011

AFK in pod in nullsec

I've been jumping around nullsec in my pod, after losing my stealth bomber to some warp scrambling rats, the little pricks.

Then I got distracted by a housemate that needed something urgent, and forgot I was in warp to a gate. Then the housemate made me a cup of tea. Then I sat down with them and chatted about stuff. Then I remembered I was flying around nullsec in a freakin' pod and quickly jumped up and left them. Housemates don't understand Eve....

So I got back to the computer and saw the pod - still alive! - only a few hundred metres from the gate. There was someone there in a Proteus, and they were only a few km away. How long had they been there?! Then I saw that they were wanting to open a convo with me.

friend > Would you please get your capsule off the gate, you are making me nervous :)
Black Claw > I can't believe I went AFK in my pod on a gate in nullsec
Black Claw > thank you for not killing me!
Black Claw > lol
friend > I was trying to protect you, at least a little
Black Claw > that was very, very kind of you.... why?
friend > I will be joining The alliance later today probably
friend > I was going to take the easy kill and noticed the alliance
friend > I am joining [censored]
Black Claw > oh, I see
friend > why exactly were you afk at a gate in 0.0 ?
Black Claw > so you're giving up CEO?
friend > yep
friend > need to get some pvp time in
Black Claw > I'm just talking about this in corp chat
friend > gonna get some of my corpies into [censored] too

I mentioned this in corp chat, and then copied it to my new friend:

Black Claw > Black Claw > I go stupid for a few minutes, afk in my pod on a gate, and the ONE guy that's joining the alliance checks my info before he shoots, and decides to protect me
Black Claw > :)
friend > :)
friend > I'm hoping you don't teach afk pod-camping gates in  OUCH. :)
Black Claw > so you're a friend of one of the [censored] members?
friend > Yeah, [censored] and I go way back
Black Claw > no, 'afk in pod' is not a class we teach ;)
friend > Back in the Derelik [censored] days :)
Black Claw > [censored] is an excellent member of the alliance. I think you will be too
Black Claw > thank you again :)
friend > no problem
friend > see you soon :)
Black Claw > o7

I need to be more careful about flying around in my pod....

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