Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does anyone want to help me rat?

You know, I've been thinking about the fact that my security status is currently -9.27... While that will certainly make for an interesting time travelling through highsec, it would be nice to have a sec status that means I don't have other pilots or CONCORD shooting at me while I'm looking at some kind of landmark in highsec...

So I'm putting out a request.

If anyone would like to have me join their fleet when I'm passing through their area and have me tag along while they're doing a bit of battleship ratting, that would be awesome. You might need to lend me a fitted battleship though, 'cause my covert ops ship just won't cut it...  Don't worry though, I'll hand the battleship back at the end of the fleet op, and I have no interest in trying to steal it. It won't be a good ship to go travelling around the galaxy with!

I know that's a big ask, but in exchange you'll get a mention in this thread and on my blog. A bit of public appreciation for you.  I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do.

Send me an evemail in-game or convo me. Don't just invite me to a fleet unannounced, or I'll simply reject it as a bad attempt to try and warp to me and kill me.


  1. Will send you an evemail when I get home tonight not sure from day to day where the wormhole will open but if it is open close to your travels I am currently working on sec status of my guy -8.9 at the moment and that's an improvement from the -9.2 he was at prior to the weekend lol.

  2. You could try grabbing a stealth bomber and killing a single rat in each system you visit.

    I did this when I was fixing my sec status. Then I got bored and trashed it again.