Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So busy

It's been a long time since I last wrote about what's going on. That's because so MUCH has been going on! I haven't even had a chance to fart, let alone write about it!

So anyway, I got this idea to start a new corp that would be completely focused on industrial activity, and use shares investments to help it make money. Half the corp would move to the new corp to mine and build and make lots of ISK, while the other half would stay with Black Scorpion and focus on hunting pirates, nothing else. Financial support would come from the industrial corp, of which Black Scorpion (myself) would be a majority shareholder.

It didn't work out that way though.

First, we cleared out all the inactive members, those that hadn't been on for over a month and hadn't been part of corp activities. That got rid of about 50% of the corp. Wow.

Then we had some issues with the alliance, and some of the members left to go their own way. The majority of the remainder voted to leave the alliance, which was something I agreed with. So we left the alliance.

Those that didn't agree decided to leave the corp to stay within the alliance. At this point, there weren't that many left.

It was at this point that I moved countries, from New Zealand back home to Australia, and was effectively unavailable for a couple of weeks. The remainder of the corp fell apart.

Upon returning to active duty and discovering the shambles that was left, I disbanded the corp and gave it to one of the members, making him CEO. I took all the assets and started again. The legacy of Black Scorpion continues with:

Scorpion's Sting.

The reason I created a new corp instead of sticking with the old one is really quite simple, but very annoying. When I first created Black Scorpion I didn't understand how shares worked. I thought that the more shares we had, the better. Boy, was I wrong. But after creating another 100,000 shares, it made the corp worthless for shareholder investment, with any dividends being a miniscule amount.

CCP don't allow for any reduction in shares, so it left only one choice - start again. So I did.

Scorpion's Sting will be run a little differently from now on. I'll use what I've learnt from the leadership of my first corp and apply it to my second corp. I intend allowing and encouraging shares ownership, and paying dividends on revenue each month. I'll also be using shares as incentives for member promotions and exceptional service, and monetary donations will receive discounted bundles of shares.

I hope to use shares as both incentive for members to have personal financial gains resulting from the fruits of their labours, and for non-members to invest in the corporation and receive their own returns, not just from the fruits of their investment, but also to help the corp grow and succeed in fighting pirates.

Obviously investors are likely to be those people who wish to have an impact on the war against pirates. They don't want to fight them themselves, but they're willing to donate their resources to assist in the war.

Shares ownership will allow all shareholders to have a say in the future plans of the corp. I'll retain majority ownership in order to avoid any bad side effects, but I'll forego my own vote and let the corp be run via the votes of the shareholders. The only time I'll step in and use my majority vote is to prevent bad things from happening to the corp, but otherwise the corp's plans and its future will be determined by shareholders.

As long as those plans are in alignment with the goals of the corp, of course! And the plans are still quite simple - to make Eve safer by fighting pirates and denying them opportunities for their own success.

So if you would like to invest in Scorpion Sting's growth and success, please contact me to find out more information and to discuss your interest.

It's going to be a hard road to build up Scorpion's Sting. However, I got Black Scorpion Ltd to about 50 members within a couple months, so I know I can do it. I just need to do it again.

The legacy of Black Scorpion continues with Scorpion's Sting, and you can continue reading about it here.