Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Around New Eden - Shattered Planets

Last week someone left me a comment about looking for the shattered planets. They failed to respond to my query for more information, but I've managed to hunt down what they were talking about.

I had forgotten the stories I had heard of planets being shattered by the effects of the wormholes appearing around the galaxy.  My research found that there are 7 shattered planets in K-Space (known Space), and another 2 shattered planets in W-Space (wormhole space). I won't be going to the wormhole areas at this stage, but I will certainly make it my mission to visit the shattered planets in the following regions:
  • Seyllin - Essence region
  • 35-RK9 - Syndicate 
  • 3HQC-6 - Outer Ring 
  • EAWE-2 - Stain
  • SL-YBS - Great Wildlands
  • T-IPZB - Delve
  • Z8-81T - Immensea
There's also anomalies that I'm going to investigate in 5-CSE3 (Paragon Soul) and Y0-BVN (Vale of the Silent).

When I find these locations, I'll record photos of them and do some exploring of the systems.  Interestingly, every single one of the planets that were affected were the first planet in each system...

Some very extensive investigations have already been done by the following:
But that doesn't mean I can't stop in and have a look, right?

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  1. Thanks for the link! You can also see the version I just wrapped up for the Wiki at which is a bit less "personal narrative" and a bit more "history/description entry".