Thursday, October 13, 2011

Documenting Eve's history by region

I've come to think that it would be a good idea to provide some information about the regions that I travel through. From what I can tell, there's no real documentation of how things have changed in the regions over the years. Who was active in what region, and when? It could be an interesting mission in itself to hunt down the information of a region's historical background, and detail all the major events within that region since Eve's beginning.

So I'm going to try...

The official background of Curse is as follows:
"Curse is the old home of the Jove Empire. The Jovians departed their home centuries ago after the fall of their Second Empire and set themselves up in their current whereabouts to form the Third (and current) Empire. The cause of the departure was the dreaded Jove Disease, which only Jovians could catch. Having found no cure for the disease the Jovians decided to leave their home worlds in a desperate bid to rid themselves of the disease once and for all. The attempt failed. Today, the former Jovian systems are occupied by the Angel Cartel, the strongest pirate clan in the world of EVE. Rumor has it that the source of their power is old Jovian technology scavenged from the relics of old Jovian stations and settlements."
There's also an old Jovian poem associated with this region:
"Once we were mighty,
Stars bent to our will,
Our reach was infinite,
Our power incontestable,
With outstretched hands we tried,
To touch the face of perfection,
But we came too close,
To that which is not due mortals,
And our punishment is our curse,
Our endless sorrow."

- Translation of an old Jovian poem
What is the punishment they speak of? Was it the Jove Disease?  I wish I could learn more about the Jovians.

Of course, we can't forget about the Angel Cartel, the sovereign owners of this region.  They're one of the oldest and most powerful of the criminal organisations in the galaxy. Around 100 years ago they established themselves in Utopia and expanded from there, getting their power from Jovian technology discovered in their ancient homes - now owned by the Angel Cartel.  Some of the most impressive ships available were created by the Angel Cartel: the Dramiel frigate, the Cynabal cruiser, and the Machariel battleship.

I'd like to know more about the history of Curse, and of other regions.  
  • What's the history of this region as far as the players are concerned? 
  • What major corps or alliances have come and gone over the years? 
  • What major events have transpired that's worthy of being recorded?
I think it would be a great idea to gather as much information as I can and document it into a timeline, tagged by region and system where appropriate. This information can be searchable, and if people want to know if something happened in their region or system, they can search and get a player history of their location.

Do you have interesting information that you can provide me? I'd like it to be about major events in the history of a region, including:

  • major battles
  • major alliances and their history
  • major political changes
  • anything else relevant!

Send your knowledge to me.  Either include a timeline if you know it, or just dates that you recall.  Go as far back into Eve Online's beginnings as you would like.  Help me to create a historical timeline of major player/corp/alliance events throughout the history of Eve Online.

Even if you have just one event to tell me about, please do. Include the date, and some information about what happened.  I think this would be of value to the Eve player community, but I can't do it without your help.

Leave your submission as a comment here, or send me an evemail me in-game with your submission to this project.  Thank you!

PS. if you know of a website that already does this, please provide a link so I can check it out. My research so far suggests it doesn't exist, so if it does I'd love to know about it.

I've added a thread to the Eve Online forums asking for people to help out with this project and provide some information on what they believe are major events in their past that are worth being recorded. You can follow it here:

History of player events as a timeline

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  1. Documenting EVE history region by region. That is a f*cking genius idea. I was reading of your adventures already, now they get a big fat dose of the educational. :)

  2. BTW, with respect to Sov regions, you can go back through all the old Influence map files to see who owned what, when. (You probably already know that, though.)

  3. This is ONE GREAT IDEA!!!

    You could look up the old Alliance maps on evefiles. You could also (watch out for bias in your research) try to interview some of the prominent names of the "old" ,04-07 game. Band of Brothers, Shinra, D2, ASCN, Triumverate (the first iteration lol), Synergy and Tau Ceti to a lesser extent, would be good things to look up.

    There are also some great old pirate corps to "hunt" down.

    I'd love to help you research some of these things as I started playing in 04, but have since sold that toon and play with younger characters like this one.

    Good luck!

  4. thanks guys :)

    I'm starting the project with documenting timelines as recorded by applicable alliance entries on the eve wiki. Once I get this completed, I'll 'go public' with it and get further refinements and additional information from submissions after that.

    Interviews is definitely a great idea. And if you want to help, send me an email at Thanks!