Friday, October 07, 2011

Black Claw's going sightseeing

Back in 2006, in my first year of play, I decided to go sightseeing around New Eden:

It didn't last very long before I returned to my duties because my corp at the time had war declared against it.

But now, five years later, I'm ready to return to my sightseeing adventures.  My blog is and its original name was The Travels of Black Claw, because that's what I was going to do.  Now that I'm no longer the CEO of OUCH and I have more time on my hands, it's what I'll be doing again.

I'm going to go through every region in the galaxy, and visit every system. I'm going to take a screenshot of some kind of item of interest in every system, whether that's just the sun, or a beacon, or a Titan wreck.  I'll put the screenshots on a special Flickr account and have them linked via the blog.  I'll also, of course, blog about the travels and my experiences.

I know others have done this before. But that doesn't invalidate me doing it either. Others have fought in fights too, doesn't mean I shouldn't.

I'm going to do this systematically, slowly and carefully.  Every system, every screenshot, every experience - noted and documented. I'll be printing out region maps and going through every system and crossing it off.

But first I have to get my security status back under -2.0, so I'm going to go ratting for a week or so until I'm 'free' to return to 1.0 highsec systems again.  Boy, that'll be an experience....

As I travel around, I'd like to make friends wherever I go - and try not to make enemies! I'd like to build a network of friends throughout the entire galaxy, and take screenshots as we meet and have parties. You know, I've never seen a Titan in all my years. I'd like see one. Maybe I can?

As I meet people, I'll shout out to them on my blog. If they have blogs of their own, I'll link to them. Maybe they can shout out and link to me too after we've partied, and we can promote this adventure together.

And wouldn't it be cool if I had people joining me! We could have 'Black Claw's Roaming Sightseeing Fleet'....

Well, I think it's a cool idea, even if you don't.   :)


  1. might want to consider using delayed local mode on your posting :)

    But very cool, something I'd like to do!

  2. When you are starting to do wh systems let me know