Thursday, October 20, 2011

CCP fired 20% of their staff

I had written a blog post earlier today expressing my annoyance about CCP's decision to fire 20% of their staff, along with most of its community management team, and likened it to a slap in the face to the Eve community, particularly those sections of the community that were responsible for organising campaigns with the express purpose of hurting CCP's business.

A lot of people are discussing this occurrence on the Eve forums and in Eve blogs, and most of those discussing it are against what CCP did, particularly with the firing of most of the community management team. There's a general feeling that CCP no longer cares about the community, and as a result the community management team was one of those departments that were no longer needed.

But ultimately, what CCP does as a business is entirely up to them. It's not up to us to assume we know what their business is experiencing, and the decisions they have to make that result from factors we may know nothing about.  They may still care very much about the community, but have made a business decision to have new community team members.  We just don't know.  The coming days and weeks may give us more information.

I was personally shocked that CCP's community management team seemed to be significantly affected by CCP's actions, and my own shock resulted in a post I didn't need to make. After thinking about it, and taking into consideration some of the feedback from readers, I decided to remove the post as being inflammatory. To those that read it and were inflamed, please accept my apologies.

I wish all those who no longer have a job at CCP all the very best with their future, and I'm very sad that you are no longer involved in something that you've been very passionate about.  Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and support of the community over the years.

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