Sunday, October 23, 2011

Around New Eden - Highlights of Curse

I decided that I would make a post after I've finished each region and just touch on the highlights of my travels through that region.

Day 1

I started my journey in Curse, in Doril. Sadly, I apparently missed out on the landmark in that system. But you know what? I'll get it when I return. :)

After doing 9 jumps around Curse I finally got my first  brief moment of adrenaline. I jumped into K-QWHE and discovered I was in a bubble around the gate but luckily for me there was no one around. However, that was the only moment of adrenaline on day 1...

By the end of Day 1 I had done 12 systems. I thought that I would do an average of 15 systems a day and would do the entire galaxy in 416 days. Assuming 3 days of game play per week, that would take me 138 weeks, or more than two and a half years. By Day 9, however, I had done an average of 6 systems per day. This would mean it will take me about 866 days, or 288 weeks - five and a half years at my current rate!

I'm enjoying this. :)

Day 2

I undocked from the station in AAM-1A and found someone had undocked with me, trying to ambush me with their Dramiel. I managed to re-dock and prevent their foul deed from succeeding, and eventually I moved on once they got tired of waiting for me.

Landmark in CL-85V: there was an 'Unidentified Cartel Hideout' that I took some photos of.

Over in 8G-MQV I watched some of my corpmates on a warp bubble, hoping to get some photos of them killing some hapless victim. But after half an hour of waiting with no one turning up, I said my farewells to the corp and went on my way.

Landmark in J7A-UR: some 'Derelict Ruins' were in here. Apparently a mystery to anyone that finds them, including me.

Day 3

Nothing much of interest on this day, but I did go through 8 systems.

Day 4

Not much of interest, but did meet another friendly pilot in here - medvedstvo. It was good chatting with him. He inspired me to discover the history of a region as I travel through them.

Day 5

I made a 'station exit' bookmark under an apparently camped station that turned out to be an exceptional idea when I had to undock from it a short time later and they were still there. I managed to get away smoothly.

Took a photo of a carrier.

Day 6

Landmark in ZZ-ZWC: another Unidentified Cartel Hideout. There's a few of them around, it seems. And I thought about all the Jovian technology they apparently have access to, and why they can't use some of it to clean up their hideouts...

Landmark in K-MGJ7: an Abandoned Mining Colony

Day 7

Got some nice photos on this day of planets on fire... Amazing stuff.  Nothing else of interest.

Day 8

Another brief moment of excitement! Jumped into a system and found a warp bubble around me, with a Sabre and Stiletto waiting for me to show myself. I did, but managed to elude them and get away, although they were 700 metres away from decloaking me... Unfortunately, I was too busy making sure I got away from them that I forgot to take a photo.  *sad face*

Took a photo of an Archon carrier.

Finally completed the Curse region and jumped into Great Wildlands.

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