Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've got that old adrenaline rush again

So Alexia transferred most of her cash to me, which was nice of her. :) With it I went and bought myself a nice, new Taranis interceptor. The next ship on my list of must-haves is the Ishkur, but they're just not available in the region yet.

Yesterday I shuttled over to Curse in my shuttle, about 20 jumps through lowsec from Molden Heath. I thought that was pretty daring, considering my security status of -6.9. But today I decided to go a step further.

And that's when I discovered the adrenaline rush...

I had to go into highsec to pick up my nice, new Taranis. So I just used my pod. I think I caused a few heads to turn. CONCORD frowned at me. That flashy red really lights up the sky. No one targeted me though, and I made my way through 4 jumps of highsec without incident.

So there I was, in my nice, new Taranis. In a highsec station. With 4 jumps back to lowsec, where I was 'safe'. Except for one thing. I needed to buy some fittings for the ship! And not all of what I needed was in that station.

So I gritted my teeth and took my nice, new Taranis on a very fast tour of highsec. 12 jumps in total, to get to 3 different stations. Why can't there be a simple market hub where everything is!?

My hands were sweaty. My heart was pumping. As I was leaving one station, the sentry guns managed to get a bead on me before I warped away, and took a few points of damage from my shields. I laughed at their pitiful attempts, but not too loudly... I didn't want to encourage them to try harder!

Eventually I got back to lowsec with a fully-fitted interceptor, stocked with ammo, drones, and various other miscellaneous supplies. I left behind me a number of empire systems where CONCORD was buzzing around the gates like wasps, and the locals were hiding in shock at seeing a flashy red interceptor streaking past them.

I took a drink. I needed it.

It's good to be back.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009