Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Returning home

My roots are in Gallente space, and today I realised I need to return there. Not because of any soppy, heartfelt emotions drawing me back... No. For me, it's because I realised I'm working for the wrong people.

I'm Gallente, and here I was, working for the Minmatar. And their worthwhile rewards for my service were blueprints for Minmatar ships. I realised I was wasting my time.

I'm specialised in Gallente ships and their tactics. Minmatar ships are unknown to me... and here I was, working hard for Minmatar rewards that I can't use...

Stupid, stupid Black Claw!

So I've packed my few important belongings into my nice new battleship, which I only got yesterday (that was an exciting day!), and I'm heading off for Gallente space, where my rewards will be in accordance with my abilities to use them!

I found an agent and a system that's only 14 jumps away from where I was based, and I'm en route as I type this. Autopilot through highsec space is a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, it's only a high-quality level 2 agent, but considering I was only doing level 3 missions at the moment, I don't mind working my way up again.

The only other issue I'll have is that I'll have to re-establish my mission setups in my new territory. My agent used to send me missions into any of 4 regular systems (Gulfonodi, Aeddin, Teonosude and Gelfiven), and so instead of having a single salvaging ship that I'd have to go and get and bring back, I set up a salvager in each system. This reduced travel time, which increased the available time for actually doing missions, thus maximising potential income. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who runs missions and salvages.

Anyway, setting myself up again in the new systems will involve more salvaging ships needing to be set up. I think that until I can afford to do this properly in each system, I'll be fitting salvagers and tractor beams to the battleship (a Dominix). I won't need the same firepower on the ship as I did with the level 3 missions, so my drones can do all the work while I salvage the remains.

It's going to be fun! I'm looking forward to returning home, finding new adventures, and meeting new pilots. If you're Gallente, and you're flying around Oursulaert systems, look me up and say hello. It'll be great to meet you!

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