Saturday, October 25, 2008

Changes to how comments work

Google Blogger has changed how they do comments, allowing the comment box to be visible and available at the bottom of every post instead of on a separate comments page. In line with this convenience, I've enabled it for this blog.

You can do the same on your own blog by going to your Settings - Comments, and enabling 'Embedded below post' in the 'Comment Form Placement' section.

I also disabled the 'word verification for comments', so there's no need to type out random text and numbers. This always annoys the hell outta me, so I'm sure it does to some of you as well.

I'll re-enable it when I start getting inundated with spam, but until then, enjoy commenting!


  1. its good..., but, I have form comment on sidebar blogger, u can see that in my blog.. and try to comment....!! you have nice blog bro...!!