Friday, October 31, 2008

New bloggers

I'm excited to announce two new bloggers.

The Adventures of Birdog, Freelance Privateer


The Adventures of Eirelle

Birdog, like Jalif, had decided to start his own blog, inspired by this one. And Eirelle has also been inspired enough to start his own blog too!

Give them a big applause and make sure you subscribe to their blogs for future updates. And don't forget to comment on their blogs to encourage them. :)


  1. GGGRRRR!!!! I just updated the OPML download last night and there are more blogs to add. :P

    No worries, just added these two as well.

    Welcome aboard!!!

  2. Thank you for your most enlightening comments, Psyche. I really appreciate the candour with which you express yourself. Keep it up! :)