Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eve Blogger posts and comments via Google Reader

There's over 100 blogs for Eve Online, and maybe you'd like to add some comments on a few of them, but you're unsure which ones to subscribe to. And then there's the hassle of reading a post in Google Reader, clicking on the title to go to the website, clicking on Post A Comment, and then adding a comment. It's all such a huge hassle!

Not any more.

First, you have to be using Google Reader. Second, you have to be using Firefox or Firefox-based browser. This won't work in any other browser.

Step 1: Visit the Wandering Druid's blog and download the OPML file for all the Eve Bloggers. He's done all the hard work on this, so you may as well thank him while downloading it.

Step 2: Import the OPML file into Google Reader. It's already been set up with a tag for easy administration called 'EVE: Player Blogs'.

Step 3: If you're using Firefox, then add the Greasemonkey add-on:

Restart Firefox.

Step 4: Go here to install the 'Google Reader Preview' script:

Restart Firefox again.

Summary: What this will do is add a small PREVIEW button at the bottom right of each of the blog posts that show up in your Google Reader.

When you click on this Preview button, the script loads the actual web page inside Google Reader - including the comments and the ability for you to post a comment of your own.

Clicking it again will close the Preview frame, returning you to the RSS feed.

This can allow you to keep up to date with any interesting conversations that might be occurring in any comments section, without having to open a new browser window or tab to go to the web page.



  1. That, sir, was badass. I have used it and it ROCKS! Thanks for the info and gratz on your kill! *hugs*

  2. Dude, this is totally awesome. I used to use FeedDemon to read my rss feeds, but now, I am back to Google Reader.

    Thanx for the plug on the OPML Download. I do spend a lot of time adding blogs to it. As of lat night, we hit 116 blogs. If you know of a blog that is missing, please email me at

  3. Sarah: Thanks for the gratz!

    Ga'len: what's the possibility of you updating your blog with the newest editions to your OPML file, so that the rest of us can add them as well?

    That would really be awesome. :) Otherwise we're not going to know who's new, and it would save us having to download and import a new OPML file every now and again...

  4. Yeah, I've been meaning to do that, that way it's a cleaner update. From now on, I'll simply have a post with the new blogs that have been added.

    BTW, go to and register on the forums there. I'll get you setup as an admin and we can get that central site some of you were talking about all setup.