Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The gate campers get camped

I had a feeling I shouldn't do it. But I did it anyway. I need to learn to trust my feelings.

I was invited to a gate camp, that was 7 jumps through lowsec to reach a gate camp on the edge of 0.0 space. I knew I shouldn't, but off I went. I traveled only 2 jumps into Bosena, only just beginning the journey to the gate camp, when what should happen?

That's right, I hit a gate camp.

I was traveling with Pabu when we jumped into Bosena. He and I were on the way to the same camp. There was a Rapier sitting off the gate. I started to warp off to the next gate, when Pebu said in fleet comms he was engaged. Damn!

It took only a second to make the decision. You don't leave your buddies behind. So I canceled the warp and locked the Rapier, moving in close and adding my fruity Myrmidon goodness to Pebu's Broadsword. That's when the shit hit the proverbial fan.

My target lock disengaged. What the...? I glanced at the overview and saw two flashy reds appearing. One of them obviously jammed me. Awesome, I thought. Just awesome. I couldn't re-engage the lock, so I advised in comms I was being jammed.

Pabu didn't answer, busy fighting for his own life!

I realised the gate was only 2.5km away, so I tried to jump out of there, and was politely advised by gate control that because I attacked the Rapier pilot, they weren't letting me through.

"Screw you buddy!" I yelled at him.

"And that's another reason I'm not letting you through," he said, with a smug smile on his face, and then he activated the gate guns.

The extent of my swearing cannot be repeated here, but after the swearing finished I closed the comm with gate control. My armour tank was holding up ok, but I knew it was only a matter of time before it failed. And by ok, I mean it was decreasing at a rate that was certainly visible, but not faster than light.

I couldn't get a lock on anyone, and I couldn't jump anywhere. I went limp, sighing to myself. The fight was over, and I was finished. So I selected a distant gate in the overview, and when my armour disintegrated and the hull began peeling off from the onslaught, I started pressing that warp button.

As my ship disintegrated around me, I gave our attackers the finger as my pod warped away. I doubt they saw me, but at least I had the satisfaction of avoiding their attempt to podkill me.

Pabu was not so lucky, poor fellow. He woke up in a new clone, while I ping-ponged between safe spots until my criminal countdown disappeared.

Needless to say, I didn't make it to the gate camp...

The insurance from the destroyed Myrmidon is not going to fund another one. It's too expensive to lose like this, so instead, I'm getting back into the Thorax cruiser. For the price of a Myrmidon, I can fit two cruisers with T2 fittings... I'm going to be a Thorax pilot from now on.

In the next exciting post, I'll talk about the adventures I got up to in the nice new Thorax.


  1. Condolences buddy. Better luck next time.

  2. Thanks Psyche, I'm sure there'll be better luck coming! Tonight was a good night, details being written up soon.

  3. Hey mate, you don't get down when a ship pops, God knows I have seen billions of my isk evaporate into the deep dark. See it as a liberating experience. You see when those goddam carebears build their ships they don't take our "pod comfort" into consideration, anything for profit you scum. Your pod being released from it's shell is like a new baby being born. You can go back to your hanger and plot your revenge whilst spending many a pleasurable hour contemplating the most ebil of revenge fittings.

    As for the loss mate I am sorry but you learned the most valuable of PvP lessons. Don't fly it if you can't lose it. Condolences though and harden up man with me on the team there will be many more losses but the kills will more than make up for them.