Monday, October 20, 2008

Another kill!

In my desire to avoid my own death but to engage in the deaths of others, I'm doing my best to only fight in those battles where I am more likely to win. It's this reason that is encouraging me to join up with those other pilots who, in their nefarious ways, are going to help me find victory.

This is why I came back to Molden Heath! The violence, the adrenaline, the excitement of laying in wait for prey, and then striking hard, and winning! The few victories I've had in my short career only make me crave more of them.

Today, I joined with Temar, Jardin and Rebnok, skilled pilots who have been quite happy to help me learn their ways. I joined them in Atlar, and in our short time flying together we managed to kill ourselves a Drake. Among other kills as well, but I was unfortunate in that I had no sensor booster, and therefore by the time my target lock engaged, they were already dead.

I'm feeling less and less sorry for these people who I end up destroying... Instead of feeling sad for their losses, I'm starting to understand I'm here to help them grow as pilots. They will either find courage as they become warriors, or they will find wisdom and stay out of lowsec space. Or they will realise they're actually little girls and retire from being a pilot altogether.

Either way, it's my duty to help them realise their true calling, whatever it might be.

My short term goal is to match my losses with victories, and then to double the number of victories over losses. When I reach my goal I will have a party! Everyone will be invited - even those I have slain in battle. There is no shame in defeat, and those who join with me in battle, whether as friend or foe, are all brothers in arms. They will be welcome at my party.

Exciting times lie ahead, my friends. Exciting times.


  1. Good luck in Molten man. Drop by Curse sometime and we'll spar off.

  2. Thank you, you're also welcome in Molden Heath. I'm not sure how likely it is that I'll be travelling in your direction, so you're welcome to come visit me here too. :)

  3. VERY nice. This makes me feel a bit better about my guilt.

  4. Guilt? GUILT? There is no guilt in protecting the rats and roids from these ruthless people who melt them with lasers and destroy them with missiles. You my friend are doing the poorly equipped NCPs a favour, you save them for the glory that will surely come at death by your guns. I am a conservationalist we must preserve eve's commodities by blasting the environment destroying roid munchers. Nice kill today mate! I enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks birdog, it was definitely awesome! Post about it coming soon.

    And yeh, I can see where you're coming from. Let's kill some more 'roid munchers and save those poor rats from them, so that WE can kill 'em instead. I like your style.