Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Missions, tanks and battleships

As I venture through the various missions, talking to other pilots here and there, I've been taking on board a lot of their advice and building up a nice tank for my Myrmidon battlecruiser. I've trained up the Hull Upgrades skill to level 5, and I've installed T2 armour hardeners. It really makes a difference...

I did a mission that saw me warp in on a bunch of rat pirates, and there was about a dozen ships that immediately started to attack me. I activated the modules and started picking the ships off one at a time. I quickly discovered that there were 4 battlecruisers throwing their combined firepower at me, assisting their brothers in cruisers and frigates.

It was quite a battle, and I was excited to see that my own battlecruiser easily tanked everything they could throw at me. They all died to my railguns and drones, and victory was sweet.

I also tested how long I could maintain my cap while maintaining my armour tank. With 4 Cap Recharger II's sitting next to my afterburner, I could maintain the dual Medium Armour Repairer II's and the rat specific hardeners and Damage Control Unit II for about 7 minutes before the cap ran out. But if I threw on an extra cap recharger, I was able to hold the cap indefinitely at about 50%. After 12 minutes with it sitting at 50%, I gave up.

Unfortunatelly, my systems use the Apple OS, which means that both the skill training and ship fitting simulation programs that many other pilots use is unavailable for me. I have to make do with advice and personal experience. It's ok... I don't mind. Just means that I get to see how things really work, instead of in the simulations.

I'm using my missions to save up for a Dominix battleship. I'm not too far away now. I got excited last night when I realised that most of the modules I have in the battlecruiser can simply be transferred over to the battleship, saving me a lot of money. I'll have to upgrade the armour repairers, the guns and the afterburner. But that's a small cost to having a much larger tank.

I've been able to up the missions to level 3, and earning a bit more money than before... I'll have that Dominix faster than you can say OMGITSAGATECAMP!


  1. Sounds nice man, when I first cross-trained for Gallente (I'm a Caldari by birth) I just skipped every ship along the way until the Dominix, and then while I was training sentry drones I bought some smaller ships (Thorax and Vexor) and blasted around in those.

    Can't wait until you find out level 4 missions are easily tankable by the Domi, and then discover those drones along just can't break the NPCs tank lol. Then sentry drones are def needed!

    Fly safe,


  2. Thanks Tony, nice to see you here.

    I've already trained up for Heavy Drones, but I'll investigate the sentry drones and see what I need. I'll take your advice and work on having them asap!

  3. Sounds good buddy, sounds good =]