Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It feels like home

I joined up with some bluemates yesterday (like corpmates, but blue instead) for a gate camp. They wanted me to join, and would hear no excuses. So they bandied together and set up a Brutix with fittings. It was a touching moment for me, to be donated 36 million worth of ship and fittings. I'd never had that before.

So many of my new flashy red friends are so much more generous than my old 'noble' friends ever were.

As I wrote that, I was thinking back to some of the donations that I received from people back when I was an anti-pirate. It just occurred to me that most of those donations were from pirates themselves, who enjoyed being able to help fund an anti-pirate in his endeavours against pirates.

I've been walking the wrong path. My friends were never the antipirates, but the pirates!

I feel like I've come home, in a way. I grew up amongst pirates, and to pirates I return.

Anyway, the actions I were involved in yesterday with my nice, new Brutix were, to say the least, fruitless. I wasn't involved in any kills whatsoever. So today, I undocked from the station in order to move a couple systems over, ready for the next fleet actions. When I got out of the station, however, I discovered I was being engaged by a Sacrilege, a Heavy Assault Ship.

By the time I'd realised this however, my shields were down to about 20%. Crap! I thought. I quickly activated everything. Target locking him, I engaged the battery of guns first, followed by the armor hardeners and then the armor reps. Then I brought the warp scrambler and web online. You're not getting away, matey! I thought to myself. Yeh, I know... he attacked me! But I didn't want him changing his mind.

I was starting to get excited about the fact that my armor tank was holding, and he was down to about 80% armor. I figured that if this kept up, I might actually win!

That was until the Maelstrom battleship arrived, and started remote armor repping his friend, who's armor just zoomed back up to 100%.

With a heavy heart, and while still firing my guns against the assault ship (pointlessly now), I tried turning around to get back to the station. Being webbed though meant that I was slower than a Minmatar slave on his way to the execution block. When the battleship added his own firepower to the show, and my armor was disappearing faster than the dual reps could repair, I knew it was all over.

I selected a distant stargate as the Brutix began to fall apart, and when it exploded I was warping out of there faster than you could even blink.

Easy come, easy go. Thanks to my friends for providing me the means of assisting them, but nothing lasts forever in this harsh galaxy.

So I went on a patrol in my interceptor, but found nothing. I got bored. So I spent some money on a new battlecruiser, another Myrmidon. I shouldn't, 'cause I can't afford it... I can't afford 5 of them, so I'm violating my own rules. But what the hell... you only live forever!

So I spent some time and money fitting it for tanking, and joined up with my friends again. Lo and behold, I was involved in two kills! I never actually managed to lay any blaster rounds on the target, but I did manage to get a target lock and scram on both of them. They died before I could get close enough to shoot them though. Oh well, next time.

Here's the really awesome thing... For the first time ever, I've earnt money from pirating. The second victim wanted to buy back the loot that was dropped from their ship, and as a result, my share was 40 million.

Woohoo! That will fund the next battlecruiser once this one is gone.

I'm really enjoying myself!


  1. My corp (COGNet Spacesystems Ltd.) gave me a Rifter, Rupture and Hurricane all at once when I came down to nullsec. Barely asked.

    There are really good people out there.

  2. Hiya man! Had fun shootin at ya! It was a gamble attacking you while taking on the sentries. But it helps to have a MAelstrom in your back pocket! :) See you around MH, bro.