Saturday, October 22, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 8


All the planets in this system were pretty boring, but I managed to find one that was ok...


Jumping back into G-0 I discovered a warp bubble around me, with a Sabre and a Stiletto within 13km of me, and 20+ others in local. Busy, and dangerous for me! So I waited a few moments and then moved in a random direction, cloaked up once the gate cloak dissipated, and then changed direction, moving away from the direction it looked like I was headed. The stiletto immediately moved towards me, and managed to get about 2.7km from me before continuing on and away from me. I stopped biting my fingernails, waited until I was outside the bubble and then warped away to a tactical bookmark on another gate - but not before accidentally dropping my cloak. This meant they saw which direction I was headed, so when I arrived, so did they.

This is the reason why making tactical bookmarks is a good idea, because you then go to your bookmarked location 200km from the gate, and watch them wait for you and then jump through, hoping you'll follow, and then jump back, wait for a while, and get tired of waiting and go do something else.

I liked this photo...

While waiting, I went and got a massage, made some calls to friends, and then returned to the console. I was sure they'd gotten bored of waiting for me by now, so I went to the G-R gate to make a bookmark before jumping through.

Except that suddenly local lit up with 'Primary the Archon!', so I went and had a look for it. I found it at one of the stations, but there wasn't anything happening. I took a photo of it and a Dominix, and then returned to bookmarking.

While I was out there bookmarking, I found another beautiful scene, so I had to take a photo of that too...

And then I was wondering. By this time there was about 30 in local, and I wondered why it was so busy out here. So I asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed about the history of this area of the region. But no one was keen, so I had a brief conversation about retards and warp bubbles and then moved on.


This was an empty system, which was good 'cause it meant there wouldn't be any scouts watching for me to jump back.

There was some nice photo opportunities in this system, with some pretty planets on fire...

After jumping back to G-0 I saw there was now over 40 in local. It was getting busier!  I really needed to move on...  I warped to the KLMT gate bookmark, and saw 4 ships sitting at the gate before jumping through. Looks like I needed to wait a while again....  The Initiative and Darkside sure were busy in here. It was entirely possible there were cloaked scouts on this gate, and they were all waiting for me on the other side... I waited about 10 minutes and then jumped through, happy to find the system empty.  Yay!

But now I was about to move on to the next region, Great Wildlands.



Interestingly, where Curse had a primarily green-yellow backdrop, Great Wildlands is blue.

After wandering UT's planets for a bit, they were all really boring. So I got a good photo of one of the Customs Offices receiving some goods from the planet below.

Now that I was in a new region, I had to work out a plan to visit every system in it, ending up with a departure point leading to Cache. There was a lot of systems in this one, so it was going take me a while...

See you next time!

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