Monday, October 17, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 5

I went back to Y-D and discovered about 30 pilots showing in local. After warping to the only station (at a distance) I found a number of the locals camping the station exit, so I decided to make a station exit bookmark before I docked there. Luckily for me it was easy enough... The exit was from the bottom, so I just maneuvered directly under the station and then moved downwards until I was at a reasonable distance and then made the bookmark. Then I docked in the station.

The reason I was docking at the station was to check where my jump clones were. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had none!  Then I remembered it was my sister that had jump clones... duh!

So I undocked and found a number of ships still camping the exit, one of which was a Sabre. One of the ships tried to bump me off the exit path but I quickly warped to my bookmark before he got close enough to hit me. Good thing, otherwise they would have tackled and destroyed my ship. I was surprised the Sabre didn't throw up a bubble though.

After warping to the gate that was next on my route, I found another corpse!  It was about 80km from the gate, surrounded by the wreckage of a number of ships. I suspected that a bubble had been here, and poor Nitrous Nine had lost himself another clone....

After I scooped the body and quickly warped back to a tactical bookmark, I saw a cyno field light up and decided to go have a look.  It was only a Nidhoggur carrier though, which disappointed me. I was hoping to see a Titan!  But I took a photo, went back to my tactical, and then on to my next destination.

After jumping in here I took a photo of the gate, and then made myself a bookmark, as per standard procedure. Then I flew back through a few systems I'd already been to, so I could continue on to the next systems.

Nothing to see here, move along.... Although, after checking through some statistical information I discovered that the previous 24 hours has seen the most NPC kills in this system throughout the entire region, with over 11,000 kills. Very busy!

Three stations in here with 5 stargates and about 15 in local. My new friend 'medvedstvo' was here, and he told me about a big fight nearby where 7 Titans were destroyed. I asked him which system, and he told me it was in C-LTXS, in Wicked Creek. I've got 4 more regions to go through before I get there though.  I said farewell and moved on. I'll have to go back his way again soon though, so I'm sure we'll meet up again.

The best part about OSY was the photo...

This was another busy system with 4 stations, 4 gates and a dozen people in local. But not much else of interest....  After making some bookmarks I went to sleep.

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