Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 10



Once again I'm in a dead end system, with no one around. Even the planets are just boring. How boring? This boring. Yeh, really.

But I just got an idea for something to add to my blog posts, to show the routes that I've travelled each day. I'll just do a few more jumps around GW, and then I'll sort that out. You might enjoy it...


While I was flying around in this system, looking at - well, not much at all really, except for another boring planet...

Anyway, while I was flying around I was speaking to Giribaldi, another friendly fellow. He was telling me about some kind of drama going on between TEST alliance 'super capital investment fiasco', that you can read about on EveNews24.  I'm not really into such dramas, but I thought I'd share it with the rest of you, 'cause I know some of you just LOVE dramas!

He also cautioned me on scams occurring with transferring ISK to aurum, but seeing as how I've got zero interest in aurum, I told him that's never likely to happen anyway.

Then I fell asleep. And so ended Day 10, with only two new systems visited....

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