Thursday, October 27, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 12



After looking through some Eve photography tips from the wonderful Katia Sae I did some configuration changes to my camera drone and tested it out. I liked it!  I think there's more sharpness to the image now.

I also tested out the difference between planet mode view and normal view. I hadn't thought about that until I saw Katia talking about it. Nice...

Planet Mode

Normal Mode

So yes, sometimes planet mode can provide a much better view of a planet. I like it.

Moving on to the next system....


I think I must have been using the On-Board Scanner incorrectly over the early days of this travel, because I now seem to be picking up cosmic anomalies in every system I go through.

Angel Hub

Once again, the Angel Cartel is active in here - they seem to be everywhere - with another ship yard. There were also three Angel battleships, two battlecruisers, and 5 missile batteries. Definitely well protected.


So I'm seeing that the various cosmic anomalies in the different systems are all the same, if they're named the same. This is good, 'cause then I just need to keep a list of the anomalies that I discover, and when I discover new ones that are the same names, I'll ignore them, and just look at the ones that I've never seen before.

I love the way you can see the sun shining through the atmosphere of the planet..


This system was huge!  I noticed upon arriving that the furthest gate was about 100 AU from my location. A long way!

Angel Haven

So the anomaly in this system was quite interesting... There was a chemical factory flanked by a couple Factory Guard Sentries...

Along with an entire fleet of battleships, battlecruisers and destroyers nearby.

I'm starting to feel that, at least for a while, I'm going to be taking lots of photos of cosmic anomalies - until they're all the same, and I've got nothing new to take photos of. Then I'll return to landmarks, planets, or other interesting objects or events.


No new anomalies in this system, so I had a look at the planets. I found another planet on fire, and decided to take a photo in normal mode and then experimented a bit in planet mode....  Wow. That's all I can say....

And this one, a planet with rings. Oh my....

You know, finding new things to take photos of, and even finding new ways to take photos of things that everyone takes for granted... This is becoming quite enjoyable. It's almost as if the travel to all the systems is almost incidental, and the real attraction is what I can find in each system.

Ok, that'll do for today. See you next time...

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