Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 3

Still in Curse region

It's fun waking up in new and exciting places each day! Well... some of them are a little more exciting than others.  I think D87E-A had the same people in local that were there when I went to sleep...

Decided to get a photo of the station in this system, just to add a bit of variety.  Oh, I fixed the controls on the camera so it no longer includes the system location. I know it added some identification to each of the photos, but now it looks a lot better, cleaner.  I'd like to thank 'mikestermike' for the tip.  I had to do some playing around with configuration options, but eventually I succeeded.

This was the last of the systems I needed to visit in the Paradise constellation. After taking a quick photo and doing a bookmark, I jumped out to make my way back up the pipe to VOL-MI, and then onwards.  Speaking of bookmarks, I've decided to cut my travel time down by making bookmarks only at the outbound gates, rather than all the gates. Even a single bookmark is better than none, and in terms of travel, is better than all.

Even though I've already been here and didn't really need to comment about it again, I had something new occur here. I found a corpse floating in space. Poor ol' Darf Smegma... I decided to retrieve the corpse and carry it with me until I can dock somewhere and contract each of the corpses back to their owners. Just in case they want them for religious purposes. Or something.

I scooped the corpse, cloaked and then quickly warped back to my tactical JUST as a dozen Outbreak pilots entered the system. I saw at the bookmark off the gate, and waited for them to leave before continuing on.  A Loki arrived at my gate, just as everyone started disappearing from local. Outbreak were moving on in a different direction. Yay! I waited a few minutes after the Loki jumped through before jumping as well.

Seven stations in this system!  Wow. And I was surprised to find that I've actually been active here before, with all three gates bookmarked already. That's good, it makes things easier for me. After taking a photo of the lovely planet and star, I checked the map. Now, HLW is a bit of a T-junction. If I go 'east' it will take me to a number of systems that would lead me eventually to Scalding Pass, while 'west' would take me eventually to Great Wildlands. Since GW is my next region, I decided to go east, to complete all those systems before heading back to complete the western systems. Just as I was about to warp off, the single local tried to invite me to join a fleet. I don't think so buddy! This fella wasn't born yesterday.

Upon entering RA the first thing I noticed was the beautiful view of the nearby planet and star. I took a photo after going to a tactical bookmark, and then checked the dozen pilots in local. Oh, look at that! They're all from the Goonswarm Federation.

In here I found some Russians talking amongst themselves. Not being able to understand, I ignored them and flew to a star, and then to the outbound gate before making a bookmark.

Leaving the Russians and their cyrillic conversations behind was refreshing. I saw a lovely view of a ringed planet in the distance. I think that's a nice photo.

It's interesting how I haven't seen any bubbles since K-Q. It's like that section of Curse is full of people that use bubbles, while everywhere else is bubble-free. Interestingly, the bubbles are only used from Doril to 8G, an active travel route from Empire space.

I took a photo in here and then was about to leave when my systems went offline (Downtime - it's 10pm for me here in Australia). Must be time for bed!


I've added some statistics to the sidebar, showing how many systems there are in Eve, and how many I've done so far, and how many regions I've completed, and how many ships / pods I've lost.  After every post update I'll also update the statistics.

Yesterday I'd completed 0.44%

See you good people next time!

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  1. Ah a fellow Aussie player. Keep up the interesting commentary, and I'll look out for you when you come around my area

  2. thanks Wizarth. How long do you think it'll be before I'm in your area? :)