Saturday, October 22, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 7


After coming in from an empty KLMT, I was surprised to find 18 others in local. I waved a hello, but no one replied. After having a look I learnt that most of them were from The Initiative alliance and Darkside alliance.  I talked a bit more in local after about 20 minutes and someone told me that they're all still sleeping.  

I also decided that I won't take a photo of just any planet, if there's nothing else of interest in a system. Insteat, I'll go to each of the planets in a system, take photos of them all, but just keep the best one.  Going to each of the planets will also help create a 'safe spot' bookmark in every system.

This particular planet was quite impressive. I could see the fires burning across the lands...


Another empty system, but oh my... another planet on fire. They look amazing!  

I also found another planet that was almost like it was on fire, but it was blue instead of red.... What's up with that?


So far, it looks like the most interesting planets are the ones that are on fire....


An empty system with a starbase! I docked and contracted back to their owners the two bodies I'd collected along the way.


One of the planets here had lightning storms raging throughout the soupy atmosphere. Was very pretty to sit and watch for a few minutes.


After finishing this system, I headed back through CL-1JE towards the entrance to Great Wildlands, with only two more undiscovered systems in this region to go.... I was getting excited!

But now it was time for bed....  See you next time!

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