Monday, October 10, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 1

After a very small amount of preparation and a decision to forget about ratting to improve my sec status, I set off on my journey with the expectation that most of my highsec travels will be done in my pod, unless I can get away with it with a covert ops ship instead. I'll test it and see, but for a while, I'll be using my Covert Ops ship to travel around a few nullsec regions.  In fact, according to my mapping calculations, I'll be travelling 17 nullsec regions before I hit an Empire (lowsec or highsec) region.

Curse Region

This is where I'm beginning the journey, and where I'll one day end it. Curse is an NPC-controlled nullsec region, so the entry points aren't as well-patrolled as the player-controlled regions.

There's nothing of interest here, so I warped to the sun for a photo and discovered that someone had put up 3 'catch bubbles' at the sun, and then left them there. That was interesting enough to take a photo...

Again, nothing of interest, and it was completely empty. I took a photo of the star and then warped off to the gate to the next system.

Another boring place. To be honest, I'm expecting there to be PLENTY of such places... I decided I'd start taking photos of the background view of the system instead of the stars if I couldn't find anything else of interest. At least they seem to change with each system.

I was alone in here, with nothing to see but the beautiful backdrop of space and the rings of a nearby planet.  Jamunda is on the edge of Catch, and since that's not scheduled just yet, I headed back to Utopia to go to Hemin.

Bored. Another boring photo. At least it's good there's so few people around this region while I'm travelling.

Ah, something interesting at last!  Well, sort of... There were some mission agents hanging around the Farit gate, so I got a photo of one of their ships.

This is a dead-end system with nothing of interest. Not even anyone hiding out there.  So it was back to Hemin I go, to head 'up the pipe' to the rest of Curse.

Now we're into the weird-ass names that are more 'designations' than names. There were a few people in this system, and I found them hanging out around the K-QWHE gate with a couple of bubbles. I took a photo, and moved on to the YKE gate.

Even though it's off the main 'pipe' there were a few people hanging out in here, probably because of the station. Nothing to see, so I moved on to K-Q.

Immediately upon jumping into this system, I found myself inside a mobile large warp bubble surrounding the gate. If I was in a pod, I'd probably be screwed, but there didn't seem to be anyone around. Were they cloaked? Local had maybe a dozen showing, but no one around the bubble.

I started moving in a random direction and then activated my ship's cloak. As soon as I was cloaked, I changed direction and headed downwards, just in case anyone tried to decloak me by moving in the same direction they saw me moving. By the time I exited the bubble I still hadn't seen anyone, and as I warped away I figured that maybe it was an old bubble that someone had left sitting on the gate.


No photo here, because after jumping into CL, I checked my map and realised I'd forgotten a system!  I warped to a tactical bookmark and then back to the K-Q gate, jumping back in and then on to the gate of the system I'd missed.

Another dead-end system off the main route meant that no one was around. I looked at the clock and saw it was midnight, and decided it was time for bed. After taking a photo of the station I was going to sleep at, I signed off.

End of day 1 with 12 systems recorded.  

Let's assume I'll do an average of 15 systems a day.  It will take me 416.6 days to do 5,000 systems. If I do 3 days a week, it'll take me a bit over two and a half years to complete.

This adventure should keep me occupied for a while...

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  1. Another person doing what you're doing. More insight.

  2. Just heard about your journey of exploration and wanted to wish you the best. I'm currently at 550+ systems myself which you can read about here. Fly safe!

  3. Use Ctrl-F9 to completely clear your overview for clutter-free pics.

  4. oh, if only that were true... Running a Windows client of Eve in a virtual desktop on my iMac (it runs better and faster than the Mac client!) means that the normal keyboard shortcuts don't work. I'm still looking for solutions... :(

  5. @katiasae, thanks for commenting. How long has it taken for you to do 550 systems?

  6. @mikestermike yay! I fixed it. I had to map CTRL+F9 to the virtual desktop controls, and it works fine now. Thanks!