Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 2

And so begins day 2.

I noticed that there's another occupant of the AAM-1A system, who was also sitting in the station with me. I spent a few minutes watching, but he didn't undock. Could be AFK, I thought, so I undocked my own ship. Lo and behold, he's undocked too, in a Dramiel. He probably was waiting until I disappeared from station and then undocked to try and get me.

So I tried to dock up again as I have no station exit bookmark here, but had to wait 15 seconds before I can do so; I made sure not to try and move off my undock path, or I'd become vulnerable. It looked like he tried to bump me but failed and I dock up again, safe and sound. I waited in station until he finally left the system, and then I undocked and made myself a station exit bookmark while there's no one else around, quickly followed by a gate bookmark as well, while wondering if he's preparing a gate camp with his friends on the other side of the only gate out of here...  I waited a few minutes to see if anyone would jump through, and when they didn't, I jumped through into K-Q. No one was waiting for me, so I warped over to the CL gate.

After getting through the gate without a problem, I entered CL and immediately saw a beacon announcing an 'Unidentified Cartel Hideout'. Naturally I went to have a look. Nothing much of interest, apart from a lone pirate battlecruiser, but I got this information about it:
"Pirate hideouts are often found tucked away inside the deadspace pocket of a high security system or floating more openly in the lawless sectors of space, where they attract questionable clientele. For the Cartel, these places serve as a home and base of operations. At any given time, the occupants must be able to answer the call to arms or provide sanctuary to ranking members of the Cartel’s shadowy leadership."
From CL I jumped into EW. I took the opportunity to modify my graphical settings to try and get better photos. (I use an iMac, but with all the problems with the Mac client, I use the Windows client in a virtual desktop which runs much better than the Mac client, but I normally have the graphics settings 'optimized for performance'. Since I'm not going to be involved in PVP for a time, I think it'll be ok to increase some of the graphics settings for 'quality'.)

Planets look a little better now. That was all that was interesting in here though.  The locals don't like me too much, so I didn't hang around too long. I make my way back through EW and CL.

I took a photo of some of my corp mates camping a bubble and waiting for some juicy prey to get caught in it. I waited about half an hour to see if I could take photos of them shooting someone, but no such luck, it was a slow period. I moved on with farewells from my OUCH corp mates coming through comms. It might be two or three years before I'm back here again....

After taking a photo in this system, I headed 'south' on the map, towards the route leading to Catch, but I won't be going that far. I'll just be doing the constellation systems down there instead.

One of the things I plan on doing is making 'safe' bookmarks for gate travel, to avoid catch bubbles if I ever need to in the future.  Since I've never been active in K-B before, now the bookmarking begins...

I entered this system and was surprised to find 5 stations! I decided to have a look at each of them and see if any of them offered a pretty photo. One of them was suitable. After bookmarking some gates, I moved on.

As I flew across this system to the next, I pondered upon my decision to fly around nullsec first. I think all the really interesting sights and landmarks are in highsec rather than nullsec. But that's ok. All these places need to be visited anyway, so it may as well be at the beginning.

A bunch of pilots from White Noise and Against All Authorities were in here. At first I wasn't sure if they were working together or against each other, but after they started abusing each other, I realised they certainly weren't friendly with each other! While ignoring the foul commentary coming out of the comms system, I made some bookmarks, but they were still at when I finished it so I went to my bunk to read a book for an hour. I didn't want to risk jumping through the exit gate while some of them were sitting on it.  When I came back to the cockpit they were all gone. In studying the map, I realised that OSHT is the entry point to Catch, and as such, is probably regularly fought over as an entry point to player-controlled nullsec.

More of the red background...  I've decided that even though this constellation is called Paradise, it looks a lot like Hell....

Well, after JWJ being so empty, I was surprised to find 5 others in local when I entered this system. But I also noticed on the overview that there were some Derelict Ruins:
"The ruins of some projects and expeditions are still unknown to this day. Either too secretive or minor to have been remembered in any empire’s history, these ruins remain a complete mystery to the local citizens and scholars alike."
These ruins made me feel a little sad, wondering how many people lost their lives in the construction of this artifact before they had to leave for whatever reason. Were they attacked? Was it a disaster?  It's a mystery...

At the centre of the Paradise constellation, it was almost as busy as J7A. Five gates lead in all directions, so it took a little while to make some bookmarks.  By the time I'd finished, it was bedtime. The days, they just fly by...

Map of travels so far
I decided to take a quick snapshot of my galaxy map, which shows where I've been so far. As you can see, in all my years of being a pod pilot, I haven't travelled very far from a few regions. This adventure will change that.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll hear from me again tomorrow.

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