Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's in your EveSpace?

I think it was Mynxee that started this ball rolling with a photo of her workspace, and a few other bloggers have done the same thing. So I thought I should post mine too.

I've got a new 27" iMac within the past couple of weeks, and have connected the 22" monitor to it that I was using before I got the iMac (I was originally using a 17" MacBook Pro notebook connected to the 22"). Plenty of screen space for eve (at 1920x1200 resolution), Tweetie for Mac next to it (Twitter program), Chrome browser on the other screen, with my chat program next to that.

Sometimes I get a sore neck from swinging it back and forth to see what's happening on both screens... It's a hard life, I tell ya.

A closer view.


  1. You actually play Eve with one of those awful, lame 1-button Mac mice?

    ...I hate Mac users.

  2. BC, don't sweat Spec's comment. He hates everything. And everybody.

    'cept Himself

    I bet he really hates lame anonymous comments, and lame anonymous commenters.

  3. Mynxee totally started the ball rolling, but I err... Made the ball? That sounds bad...

    Anyway, I like this space. The 27" screen is indeed enviable, and I often wonder about a dual screen setup myself; I've never been able to justify the cost however.

  4. First, I could never play with a mac one-button mouse. I hate those things with a passion >_>

    Anyways, I've been looking to get a dual-screen setup, but I haven't had the capital to get one. Once i"m in college and have some spare time, i'll probably build my own PC with a dual or even tri-screen set up

  5. I find that the 'magic mouse' is perfectly fine. It's just like a normal mouse, it has left-click and right-click functionality, and instead of a scroll wheel you can swipe it up and down the middle. I disable the left-right swipe functionality for going forward or back through web pages (or side-scrolling) 'cause it was annoying, but it's a perfectly good mouse that works really well.


  6. I use that mouse too, and I have had no problems.

  7. Man I really need a second monitor! Not a Mac user myself (used to be years ago) but they do look damn amazing!

  8. Kinda late catching up on the "Eve Spaces" threads, but I love your space. Rich colors, and neat and tidy. I see a lot of folks using a keyboard tray-thingy; I'm wondering if I should get one of those.