Friday, February 26, 2010

More on the war with Dark Grendal

I'd just like to thank Dark Grendal for going to war against OUCH, and thinking that their highsec griefing is a problem for us. In fact, it's inspired a whole lot of OUCH members to tell them to fuck off. They're spamming corp members with evemails, and even spamming those that have left OUCH. It's quite amazing, actually, as to how pathetic they are.

They think they're awesome in using T2 ships and battlecruisers against lone noob frigates, and then they dock up when OUCH amasses a reasonable force, or flee the system. Inspiring, really.

Yes, OUCH members have lost a lot of ships. But they don't care. They joined OUCH to learn how to survive. Dark Grendal is inadvertently helping them do this, but in the process they're also helping show how awesomely, awesomely pathetic they are.

I'm humbled by the support that I have been given from my corp members. These people who have joined OUCH to learn nullsesc survival have made the decision they will not bow to threats, intimidation, ransoming, griefing, harrassment or spamming. Their support of what OUCH stands for is truly inspiring. I'm so grateful to be leading such a great bunch of pilots.

One of our fellow bloggers, and a member of OUCH, wrote an excellent post on the subject that I'd like to refer you to:

Its not because its piracy baby! Its because you're a pathetic bitch.

Have a read, you'll love it.


  1. O.o

    Would now be a bad time to mention A, the need for fitting lessons:

    and B, hauler escorts and scouts: ?

  2. I think OUCH is way over-thinking the whole war. Dark Grendal wardecced you because they wanted to shoot something (like any PvP corp). It turns out, they're making billions off you as the kill-mail in the previous comment shows. Obviously they're going to continue. It's not a matter of morals, picking on noobs, or whatever... it's about having fun and making tons of easy isk while at it.

    You say it's not affecting your corp, yet you have lost members from what you say in your post and the blog you link to is a guy raging about a hi-sec wardec. You say your members joined OUCH as a nullsec survival corp, yet if you're having problems with a hi-sec war you're probably basing out of hi-sec.

    DG may be acting like asses by wardeccing a noob training corp, but it's still fair game. You call them pathetic, but honestly the way I see it OUCH is acting more pathetic by throwing petty insults not only at DG, but at each other on their public killboard. With that said I don't know what DG has said or done in eve mails or in local or whatever, but it still doesn't make what OUCH is saying right.

    Here's a couple of suggestions that I can think of just from looking at your killboard:
    -Make the full move into null-sec if you haven't already.
    -Teach people the basics; ie how to not get podded.
    -Train your members in appropriate fitting techniques, post standard fittings, explain to them why they should fit a certain way. Without the basic knowledge of how to properly fit a ship, you'll never make it in nullsec.
    -Don't post snappy comments at each other on your own public killboard. It's bad taste, makes you look bad. Talk to them in private if need be.
    -Avoid flying T1 haulers with no escorts having 1.2 billion in assets. In fact, avoid hauling if you can. Use out of corp alts.
    -Most important of all, stop worrying so much about politics and economics and start having fun. It's just a game, after all.

  3. You apparently don't seem to be actually teaching your members anything, since they keep falling for the same traps. Like not telling your corp mates about a gate camp so they just keep flying through it. Or letting a 1 BILLION isk hauler fly through hostile space unescorted and without scouts. I mean it took you guys 2 weeks to start using warp core stabalizers. Now thats just sad.

  4. That was an absolutely horrid Harbinger fit, and it seems he has a habit of triple tanking if his Battleclinic losses are any indication. I absolutely agree that fitting lessons are necessary... No comment on the rest of it.

  5. As far as the fittings and the unescorted haulers are concerned... Surely they have been taught this, but people learn best from their mistakes.

  6. "Its not because its piracy baby! Its because you're a pathetic bitch."

    This says more about your corp's immature attitude than it does about Dark Grendal.

    Its nothing personal. They are just a piracy corp. Its what they and a lot of others piracy corps do.

    Grow up and stop taking everything so personally.

  7. People that act so tough with their words always hide behind 'anonymous'. Not only are you a coward, you're a moron.

    I linked to another blog post, but you thought it represented me and my corp.

    I guess 'anonymous' means "I'm not very smart and don't even know my own name".

    Further comments from 'anonymous' will no longer be published. I'm tired of 'anonymous' bullshit. In fact, I'm disabling anonymous commenting.