Saturday, February 13, 2010

A status update

This is OUCH's new logo. Just something simple, but I like the meaning behind it... The 4 points symbolise the coming together of the 4 races from throughout the galaxy, joining together in a single entity: OUCH.

And together, everyone learns how to survive in nullsec. :)

I've slowed down recruitment a little, focusing on setting up some departments for the more 'normal' corp operations. Basically, OUCH is still focused on providing nullsec survival and PVP training to new players and veterans that don't want to be carebears any more, but we also are structuring ourselves to be self-sufficient.
  • Industry helps mine and build the ships that the trainees use, along with looking after our POS's, engaging in group missions and wormhole operations
  • Security provides combat support to all other operations within the corp
  • Special Forces is our T2 combat specialists, dealing out pain wherever they find targets
  • Intelligence gathers intel that supports corp goals and operational activities
  • Training provides all the various training information, courses and operations for nullsec survival and PVP
So as members learn all about nullsec survival, there are departments that they can be part of. They can mine or do missions if they want to make money for themselves or the corp; they can join Security to provide support to other departments or go on roams with our blues; they can go out into the depths of space in their cloaky ships and gather intelligence; or if they're flying T2 combat ships and are good at what they do, they can be part of OUCH's Special Forces teams.

Something for everyone!

It's starting to settle down a bit now, after our recent alliance shenanigans. I'm about a month away from starting my own alliance, and we've got a few friendly corps lining up to join us once I do.

It's all systems green as we continue moving forward to provide nullsec survival training.

I think I'll go dance in the rain now....


  1. one do you/will you make $? Taxes? Selling loot? WH space? Sponsoring? Just thought I'd ask.

  2. We're still refining the processes. :)