Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Black Claw and Eve Bloggers on Google+

I've been enjoying Google+ (G+) ever since it came out, back in June I think. I've enjoyed the interaction with other Eve Online players and bloggers on there, sharing interesting articles and having interesting discussions.

But just yesterday G+ introduced Pages, allowing anyone to create Pages for their business, organisation or... well, whatever really!  I immediately created a page for the Eve Bloggers Portal, and shared it out on G+ and Twitter.  My intention with it was to use it to share interesting Eve-related content for players and Eve bloggers.

Today I created a page for Black Claw and this blog, and decided that the Eve Bloggers Page would provide updates on new Eve blogs, while Black Claw's Page will share my blog posts and other Eve content.

Add them to your circles if you're on Google+

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