Monday, November 07, 2011

[OOC] Iceland's Revolution

You know, while we've all been playing this Iceland-based game, there's been a revolution going on in their country which I didn't know about until just now.  I wanted to share it with the rest of you, it's a fascinating read.

UPDATE: a more balanced discussion of the 'revolution' is here:


  1. I remember reading this a couple months ago, shortly after it came out and was making the rounds on twitter. When I first read it, I got through the first paragraph before thinking, "Iceland's a member of the EU? I did not know that." I then went and looked up when they had joined, only to find that they hadn't.

    That was enough for me to start questioning the rest of the article. Consider the source for a moment, "An Italian radio program’s story..." Italy is currently facing some very serious financial issues, and pressure from the rest of the EU to accept some very compromising requirements. The radio program's story was more a piece of political propaganda to convince people that they can go against the EU's wishes and be better for it than anything else.

    I don't say this to take the wind from your sails BC, but I think you'd want to know the facts surrounding Iceland's current situation. The article (originally posted here: gets a lot of facts wrong, the author later stating "I am the culprit in the Iceland story: I did not check the Italian radio story before adapting it in English," yet refusing to making any changes to their original article after these errors are pointed out to them, likely because they are currently working on a "book proposal requested by publisher." To me, this is just a terrible compromise of journalistic integrity.

    If you're interested in knowing some of the truth behind this article, and I think you would be, check out this article: written by an Icelandic publication. I think it paints a fairly balanced view of the situation, hope you enjoy.

  2. Thanks FNG, I've updated the post with a link to the 'balancing' article.