Friday, November 04, 2011

A new blog banner

I'm really excited about the new banner I have for this blog, thanks to Rixx Javix of EVEOGANDA fame. I've been employing his services for a while now, with a number of different projects, and he never fails to amaze me with the quality and context of his work.

We went through a number of versions before we reached the final product, but the thing about Rixx and his versions is that the first version is the final - all that the subsequent versions do is change minor details.

So my new banner shows a somewhat faded, ghost-like image of Black Claw with the title of the blog, over what looks like an old navigation map that's mixed in with the gaseous clouds of a galactic nebula, along with the Proteus that I'm going to be flying around the galaxy.



  1. Did you mean he never disappoints you? or were you being ironic :-)

  2. Oops... I fixed that error now. Thanks for pointing it out :)

  3. It looks great! Congrats on your new blog and hopefully we'll all be treated to reports of your on-going travels for a long-time to come.

  4. Thanks Rixx. Although the blog's been around for over 5 years, so it's not exactly 'new'... ;)