Friday, November 04, 2011

Around New Eden - my new Proteus

It's happened!  I now have an awesome, shiny Tech 3 Strategic Cruiser, the Gallente Proteus.  This is a photo of it, with the subsystems fitted and configured.

Thanks to the donations of some very kind and supportive pilots out there, I've been able to afford the skill books for the ship and subsystems, as well as the T2 fittings.  Thank you so much to all of you who donated.  

Please keep those donations coming though, because it is thanks to you that I will be able to continue travelling around New Eden - I do expect to have to buy new ships every now and again!

I haven't had a chance to itemise the shopping list and the cost, but once I do I'll update the donation page accordingly.  I intend having full disclosure about what money I've received, and how that money is being spent.  

I ended up using the fittings suggestion from Anxiir, so I want to thank him for that, and I hope it will take me safely through nullsec for a long time!

I was able to buy the ship hull and the Interdiction Nullifier subsystem in the nullsec system I was docked at, but there were no other subsystems for me to buy. So I had to use my alt, Alexia Morgan, to buy what I needed in Rens, and then fly them to me.  It was a bit hairy, having to dodge two gate camps with a cargo hold full of T3 subsystems and T2 fittings, but she managed to get there without incident.  I got her to make a station exit bookmark before docking - a necessary task when you're out in nullsec.

So I fitted the subystems and fittings and then took a photo of the fittings image (above). I was considering undocking in my nice new Proteus, but changed my mind when I saw that there was 95 people in local, and only 38 of them docked in the station with me.  There was potentially almost 60 ships out there waiting for me to undock.  I decided to go to bed instead.

See you next time!

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  1. I love the Proteus, so sexy... I think it beats the Megathron in looks.