Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The veterans are quitting Eve

You know, I've been seeing all this whinging and whining from all these Eve bloggers who are quitting because they don't like how Incarna seems to be turning out.

You know what? They're just the same as those whinging, crying carebears who don't like game mechanics being used against them and they want the game to be changed to suit them.

This is a game created by a company called CCP. It's their baby. How it turns out is, at the end of the day, entirely up to them.  The fact that they try to please the players (always a good thing), and even include a player-filled organisation to help them understand the needs of the players is an excellent thing.  It helps them improve their product so that they can get more people using it.

But ultimately, the business can do what the hell it likes with its product, that we pay for the privilege of using.

Regardless of what it does or doesn't have, or what is delivered or not delivered, it's still Eve Online.  These players who decide to quit because it's not turning out how THEY wanted it to turn out, all they do is remind me of spoiled little rich brats who throw a tantrum because they're not getting what they want.

Harden the fuck up.

Actually, no... stay soft. And stay gone. The rest of us who love this game don't need you hanging around in it, whinging about how it's not becoming the game you want it to be. This game is better without you, because there'll be less whinging in it.


  1. I must say I do get surprised time after time how people feel that because they pay for a game they can then tell the developer how they should make the game. This is not where you can have everything your own way. So well said on EVE being CCP's baby. Theirs to build, theirs to ruin, there is a whole world out there with plenty of other things to do when you no longer like it. Which I think may be another problem some people have, clinging to EVE like it is all they got.

  2. really? And here I thought everyone was misspelling whine every time they said whing.

    Must be a non-American english word...

    Learn something every day. Back to podding.

  3. Most of the veterans that I have heard are upset or quitting eve are being very fair about it all. They are quick to acknowledge it IS a game and belongs to CCP and is their call to make about what to include or where to go with it all.

    They are however expressing their regret that the game no longer meets their expectations, fills their needs, works for them. A fair few have decided to look elsewhere for their entertainment. This is their choice and for each experienced player that leaves we lose a bit of the community that helps make EVE special.

  4. I am a little amused by the depth of feeling this generates. In some of the blogs you get the sense that behind the scenes they are pretty sure that CCP is two releases from forcing them to have pointy ears.

    EVE has a problems (from a business standpoint) in that it is a very abstract game. I've attempted to get several of my friends to play (all veteran gamers...high IQ types). None of them stayed. As a newbie, unless you happen to stumble into a very friendly corporation there is very little "you" in the game. You're even taught (and the gameplay encourages) that the spaceships are disposable.

    The Incarna work is important in that it puts a little "you" into the game and gives people a little more chance to get hooked on the Internet Spaceships game we all know and love.

  5. When you get physically, intellectually and emotionally invested into something (game, hobby, women, etc), you begin to feel that the thing is yours, and you should have control over it.

    I think it is unique for a company to have something like the CSM, and I applaud it. If used wisely, CCP will be able to reap benefits from it. They want to produce a product that enhances the bottom line. ANd they'll accomplish that by making a game people want to play.

    But just because you have an avenue to have your voice heard does not make the game yours. You may make suggestions, but you aren't signing the checks.

    Personally, I think the CSM is a bunch of hooey, that game design decisions are made by two or three "competing" factions within CCP, and that getting bent out of shape over it is, well, sad.

    BTW, PLEASE do something about the font color. I can only see the font by keeping a line or two in the planet's atmosphere halo. Black on space background doesn't work very well

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  7. It's weird. i was looking at it on the work machine (Win 7, IE), but at home it looks just peachy. Hmm. I'll check that.

  8. Mr. Black Claw,
    I recently returned to EVE from a three year hiatus and I am familiar with few of the changes that have been implemented since my absence.
    What is driving denizens of EVE to threaten cancellation?

  9. Mr Punk, welcome back. Well, they're threatening to cancel or they're actually quitting because they don't want Incarna to be implemented, or they're not happy with the speed of implementation, or they're not happy with the method of implementation, or they're not happy with how the developers aren't listening to them, or they're not happy with the colour of the lint in their belly button.