Friday, March 11, 2011

Help Wanted

There's two things I need help with, and I decided to put it out there to the community.

The first thing: admin assistant for

I lead quite a busy life, and give myself only a small amount of time each day to Eve Online. in that time I'm usually managing OUCH (nullsec survival training corp) and the Art of War Alliance, dealing with administration issues, membership queries and management, and diplomatic relations. I rarely get time to actually fly, but that's ok, as my game is now admin and management.

But as a result of the immediate need for my daily involvement in this way, I have very little Eve time for anything else. That means that is suffering from my lack of time to manage it. It's a project in its own right that serves the Eve community, and it's suffering.

I've been able to organize some assistance within OUCH, which has been fantastic and freed up a lot of my time to focus more on 'big picture' management.

I need that now for

What I need is someone to help me with adding new blogs to the site, so that I can focus on other admin-related tasks for the site, as well as promotion of it to the greater community.

If you have time, and you'd like to help me and the Eve community, please contact me at I'll provide you with training to know what needs doing, along with ongoing support.

The second thing: tell me when you're mentioning OUCH or

I read every single blog update that passes through I get excited when people mention OUCH and I usually visit their site and thank them for the mention. I also have an alert that tells me when someone sends or includes me in a tweet (to either @Alexia_Morgan or @Black_Claw or @eveblogs) so that I can keep up with mentions in the community.

However, I don't listen to podcasts at all. They just take too much time that I don't have. And if I'm listening to anything, it's usually relaxing music to wind down from the rest of my life...

So I'd like to establish a couple of new hash tags for you all to use with your tweets that would really help me out:


If you promote either of those, or even if you just mention OUCH or in a podcast, please use those hashtags in your tweets so that I can receive them in hashtag alerts, have a listen, and then promote you even further with my own comments or posts.

Thank you for your help!


  1. I would just like to say how saddened i am now that i have read all your posts. Your blog has been my reading on my phone during my breaks at work and little bits of down time at home.

    Also i'd like to say that the way you run your corp is more or less the same as how i'd like to run my own one day.

    Keep the good posts coming i look forward to reading them.

  2. Thank you Loas, I appreciate your kind words. You might be happy to know that I'm currently working on a post to provide advice on how to be a CEO and manage a corp, based on my own experiences. :)