Monday, February 14, 2011

Action Report - 13 Feb 2011

This is the first of a planned series of reports based on 'after action reports' that OUCH / AWA members write on our forums. I decided to share them with you all, to showcase the ongoing adventures that members of OUCh enjoy.

So a small fleet of about 10 pilots got bored with camping a bubble (a common operational activity in OUCH) and went out on a roam through Curse and Catch, flying a mix of frigates and a destroyer, and including some equipped for e-war.

They spent a while travelling around before arriving at some nullsec space owned and inhabited by blues, and ended up deciding to go back home. This was when the action began...

They encountered The Initiative who engaged the rag-tag fleet of frigates with their Vagabond, Dramiel and Ishkur. After the dust cleared, OUCH had lost 4 of their frigates and the destroyer, but the other guys had lost their Ishkur and Dramiel. Not a bad exchange...

So the small fleet re-shipped and had a few skirmishes here and there with nothing substantial, but then were escorting a 'blue' freighter when it was ambushed by A4D and lost.

Lessons were learned, mistakes were acknowledged. And the learning goes on.

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