Saturday, January 30, 2010

OUCH's growing pains continue

One of the really annoying things about providing ships and fittings to OUCH members to help them with training is that eventually, one of them decides that it's a really good idea to steal everything they can.

As a result, our security measures have been increased so that corp theft is (almost) impossible, and members can still get what they need to receive their nullsec training. Everyone wins, albeit with a few minor inconveniences to ensure stuff's not stolen.

We're planning on moving to another region soon, as there's been a number of homeless alliances that have moved in to Curse, taking advantage of the NPC corps there. So we're packing up and shipping out to find somewhere a bit quieter, but that will continue to allow us to proviide nullsec survival training to our members.

Our alliance is growing along with OUCH, and we're getting more joint operations occurring to go roaming and getting kills. It's nice to see the trainees forming up and taking the 'pain stick' to the nullsec locals. They're getting some decent PVP and some decent successes too. I love it. :)

Our industrial arm is beginning to take form, so that we'll be starting to build our own ships for members soon, and sell any excess on the market.

It's all very exciting! We're approaching 200 members and still growing, with a lot of self-sustainability occurring. It's been an interesting and busy time, but we're getting there and establishing ourselves as a decent training corp that's providing a service that no one else is.

On the more personal front, I'm training Megacorp Management V, and once I complete that I'll do Empire Control I, which will allow 2,000 members per level. That should keep OUCH going for a while before I have to train level II.

Alexia Morgan, my alt, has just completed everything she needs to fly a Vagabond, so as of last night, I've been playing around with it. No combat in it yet, but it's only a matter of time. I'm reading up on tips and tactics for it, and if anyone out there has some good advice for me on succeeding with Vaga's, please let me know in a comment.


  1. Congrats on OUCH's success so far! very impressive growth, but with growth always comes those interested in a quick rob. Good luck with keeping those people out.

    As for the Vaga, despite the fact I lose them all the time... I think the biggest bit of advice you can get for flying a vaga is to learn what it can and cannot handle. Always choose fights that even if you can't win you can escape from. Usually an addendum to that is to never (ever) stay inside of scram range on anything. Rapiers, Arazu, Huginn, lach and Curse can be scary for their long webs and points, but the Rapier solo you can easily kill, Huginn you have a good shot at killing, but only solo, if they are just tackling you then you are in much more trouble.

    Enjoy the Vaga!