Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank you to all those supporting OUCH

Last week I started selling shares in the corp so that we could raise some money to help make us self-sustainable. I never expected the interest that resulted, and I really appreciate those that have purchased shares to help out with OUCH's goals.

Some people's generosity is just too awesome to put into words. There have been so many people providing so much support, that my 'support' page is pretty much a waste of time. Too many, too fast... I can't keep up!

It's quite difficult to find the words to express my gratitude. Words just aren't enough to describe how grateful I am, nor are they enough to get across the enormity of what some of these people are doing.

Needless to say, with their support, OUCH has a huge chance of being very, very successful. Thank you to everyone who donates time, effort, money, resources. Just... thank you.

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