Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go again

A few months ago I wrote about carebears:
It's a game, and yet there are a lot of people who take it far too seriously. They treat this game as if what happens in it is so very, very important to their personal wellbeing and their life. They take in-game actions personally, as if people are threatening their very existence outside the game by what they do in the game.
My belief is that people who rage in-game are people who rage out-of-game. If someone threatens to kill you as a result of what you do in-game, it really shows how stable they are in real life. That's right - they're unstable, to the point that they actually want to physically kill someone for doing something in a game.
So we should do everything we can to bring that carebear rage out in these people, and point out to them that there are other things they could be doing with their time than spitting with rage at their computer screen. They could be sitting under a tree with their loved ones, having a picnic and watching their children playing in the park. That would be much better for them than playing a game that enrages them.
Well, someone is doing that, trying to bring that carebear rage out in people: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways

I think he's doing an admirable job of bringing out that carebear rage in people, and I applaud his efforts.

But I do have one thing to talk about....

When you take the actions of the carebears so seriously that it causes you to rage as much as, if not more than, the carebears themselves, then all that happens is that you become a carebear too. You 'care too much' about them, to the point that it affects your own life, and your own game.

Helicity's gameplay has been influenced by anger and rage. And I don't think that's healthy.

Helicity says:
And now that I know I can piss you off with everything I do, and that you seethe in anger every time someone says “Hey man, cool event”. Now, I have an even better game. It’s making you miserable, it’s making you HAVE to be responsible for at least something in you miserable shitty life.
But Helicity, don't you think YOU have been pissed off with everything they do? Don't you think that YOU seethe in anger every time someone shows they're a carebear?

Helicity also says:
I don’t like people very much. This is not the reason I am a pirate in EVE however.
Really? I'm sorry, but I just don't believe you.

There's this really interesting thing about human nature - our true nature will become apparent when we are not held accountable for our actions, and what we do in the game is often a reflection of our out-of-game personalities. Helicity even said it himself:
...the carebear is repeating the motions of his mundane life...
He also said:

It’s not an optional thing, I will sit through fucking horrible movies JUST BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW. I will play terrible video games to see the ending. I voluntarily read the fucking Illiad.

And it is with this same interest, the same motivation of the child pulling the wings off the fly, that I pick at the psychology of the carebear.
It's fascinating to observe the choice of words being used, which, if you look just a little bit deeper than the surface, are signposts to truth.

Helicity has the same motivation as the child pulling wings off flies. I imagine it's because he wants to cause pain. Is it because he enjoys causing pain? Well, he says he's interested in it ("...it is with this same interest..."), so I guess so.

He also says:
Of course what I’m doing is not really evil or immoral, from where I sit, it’s still pixels on a screen. They have no value past the value people assign to it.
But he knows the result his actions has on people, and he even describes it as:
So I do horrible, immoral, evil shit to them just to hear the sound of their squeeling. I do comparative analysis of what kind of mocking or activity makes them the maddest, I want to see what name to call their mother in reply to their hatemail to get the best rage-filled rant in my mailbox.
He contradicts himself... He says what he's doing is not evil, but then describes what he does as evil and immoral. And since he knows the real-life effect he has on people in the game, he chooses to act in such ways for the real-life results he gets.

So after reading Helicity's rant, I have to say I'm in agreement with him. Carebears need to stop raging about the game going against them. It's just a game after all.

But in the same rant I can see exactly what kind of person Helicity is. And I can understand why he says:
...I socialize with various “scumbags” in EVE on a daily basis...
Which leads me to ask, who else but 'scumbags' would happily fly or associate with Helicity?

Helicity, you've been Punished. :)


  1. Well done - an excellent analysis of Helicity's rant. I started to write a post of my own, but didn't finish it because it sounded too much like and anti-rant rant. You've done a fine job of analysing his post and keeping it pretty objective.

    I found his rant mildly amusing, but what really stood out for me was the rage and hate. He wrote: "You will never see full-blown, foaming at the mouth anger, like that of the carebear". Not true - you also see it in his own post, and some other anti-carebear posts out there.

    I find the whole carebear vs pirate thing reflective of our planet in some ways. There are those (not all) on each side that can't/won't accept the other. There are all kinds of parallels out there - political intolerance, religious intolerance, cultural intolerance that happen because some have the view "you don't do it my way, so I hate you". This is in Helicity's post too: on one hand he says "I don’t understand these people, I can’t understand why someone would mine all day, I need to know.", but this is after he's said things like "I mean I really, really hate the carebear." and "He is diligent, he is productive, he is fucking boring as shit." He admits he doesn't understand the carebear, but he's passing judgment on them anyway.

    He wrote "The carebear does not play the game I do, ...". So true, but this is not wrong. The carebear doesn't play EVE the same the same as the pirate, but the game is designed to support both styles of play, and others as well. Both styles of play, and the others, are what give Eve it's depth and complexity, and a lot of it's entertainment value. Both sides enjoy playing the game the way they do, and that's good.

    I don't subscribe to the argument that it's just pixels on a screen. Players spend time and energy arranging those pixels, so it's to be expected that they won't be happy when their work is undone by an uninvited guest. Some venting is to be expected. To both sides I say "get over it". To the carebear who got ganked, deal with it - it's part of the game. To the pirate who doesn't like the name calling, or other smack talk from their victim, you deal with it too. If you do subscribe to the argument that it's just pixels on a screen, remember that all that smack talk in local/evemail/chat is just pixels on a screen too.

  2. Great post! Human nature is a funny thing. I really enjoyed the point about those who get infuriated by carebears being carebears themselves because they are too caught up in it all.

    Go OUCH!

  3. punished? bring it! come and get me, TRY to stop me. If people do that, I will have succeeded in my purpose.

    Little,barely read , blog posts won't suffice, make the carebear defense league or something, tell me when you're done and I'll whip up another event and we can get some ACTION in new eden \o/

  4. Meh. I read his rant and found it great. Very entertaining.

    I read the analysis and agreed as well. Doesn't make it less entertaining, we can all express ourselves, no matter how rage-filled that expression seems.

    Helicity sounds like a cool person to fly with a few times, maybe gank a few ships in hisec with him just to have a good time, in my opinion.

    And I really enjoy being in OUCH with Claw and the rest of the corp too, where we don't massively anti-carebear rage (I'm somewhat of one myself, though I just "gf" every time i've been suicide ganked).

    Either way, I just figured I'd add in my own thoughts on these two posts, lol.