Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eve Uni teaches you how to be a carebear

From all the stories and complaints I hear about Eve Uni, amongst others, it's obvious that all they do is teach people how to be carebears. Their trainers are carebears, their fleet commanders are carebears, and their students are taught to be carebears. It's just ludicrous if you have a few dozen fleet members who are forced to hide in a station or POS because the fleet commander is afraid of a lone hostile in local.

No wonder there's so many carebears in New Eden when you have major universities teaching them how to be that way...

Sure, if YOU want to be a carebear, and if YOU want to learn how to be in a fleet of 30 people and hide from a lone frigate, YOU can go join Eve Uni or any of those others that teach you how to be a carebear.

But there needs to be a shakeup of the status quo. There needs to be a new kid on the block. And... there is! It's OUCH.

It's training organisations like Eve Uni that made me decide to start OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship). It's the 'celestial hardship' that we promote. You don't succeed in life by being pampered to, by being protected, by being trained and encouraged to hide.

OUCH offers 'nullsec survival training', with an emphasis on survival and PVP. We provide free ships, fittings and skillbooks so that our members don't have to worry about losing their own hard-earned possessions (unless they want to, of course). We sit on the border of empire space and nullsec, and most of our training and operations are in nullsec itself.

Our motto is: "You're going to die. A lot. But along the way we'll teach you how to die less."

We stick to that. We don't mollycoddle anyone. All our training is operational, in lowsec or nullsec, against real hostile targets. If there is opportunity for combat, we're often taking that opportunity. Even if our members don't win the battle, they learn from the experience.

We don't force our members to hide in stations. We encourage them to get out there and seek out PVP in the hard and painful areas of deep space. We provide them with the ships and training that empowers them to do so without worrying about their own ships.

We don't kick anyone out for moving their assets around. We don't let the possibility of combat stop us from doing anything, as that's entirely what we're about - teaching our members how to survive, prosper and win in the harshest areas of space.

We're an 'open university', which means anyone can join for any reason, stay as long as they want, help or learn, and leave when they want. The only time we'll ever kick anyone out of OUCH is if they try to cause harm to their corp mates or the corp itself.

We're new, and we just started in December. We want people to join us to learn how to survive and fight in nullsec. If we're at war, that's fantastic! It just means there's more targets for our members to shoot at and learn how to improve their aim and tactics.

So if you're interested in being part of a real training corp, please consider joining OUCH.

Remember - you'll die a lot, but dying is just part of the game. Along the way you'll learn how to die less, and then you're going to kick some serious butt!


  1. Last I heard, Eve University let anyone take out a fleet anytime they wanted. They lost one in 0.0 a few days ago (funny to watch). They just don't let people run around in badgers during wartime.

  2. Let us compare OUCH and E-UNI:

    "All our training is operational, in lowsec or nullsec"

    Fleets mostly go to low sec or null sec in E-UNI to hunt pirates. It is only during wartime that fleets will stay in high sec (for obvious reasons), but if there is no WT activity, they will go to low sec or null sec.

    "against real hostile targets"

    As opposed to fake hostile targets?

    "If there is opportunity for combat, we're often taking that opportunity."

    I'd say the same of E-UNI. Uni noobs LOVE to get out and shoot stuff. The only time E-UNI turns down combat is when they are clearly massively outmatched - this is called 'not being stupid'.

    "We don't force our members to hide in stations."

    During wartime, anyone can take out a fleet at any time. A fleet is defined as three or more players. During peacetime, anyone can go out and shoot stuff, as long as it isn't an ally.

    "We provide them with the ships and training"

    E-UNI offers free frigate and cruiser replacement, as well as free T1 modules.

    "We don't kick anyone out for moving their assets around."

    E-UNI teaches members to move their assets on safe, OOC haulers. Again, this is called 'not being stupid'.

    "We're an 'open university'"

    1400 members shows E-UNI to be at least a moderately 'open university'.

    "If we're at war, that's fantastic!"

    E-UNI loves war, as long as the WTs actually come out to fight. E-UNI takes the stance that war provides valuable PvP experience - again, as long as WTs actually undock.

    So, as you can see, E-UNI and OUCH are actually surprisingly similar to each other.

  3. I tried to get into Eve Uni early on in my podding career. This may be attributed to Eve Uni's success, but it was nearly impossible to get admitted. I tried for about 10 days straight to get a hold of a recruiter, with no luck. I have a feeling I would have encountered even more of this had I actually been able to join...

  4. This sounds awesome! I've been out of Eve for a while to focus on school, but the more and more I read blogs/articles and watch vids on pvp, the more interested I am. I might have to look into this when I get back in.