Friday, November 11, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 18


I did a little bit of ratting before heading back to SL-YBS, ratting along the way. My #tweetfleet friend, @EVE_Rhavas, suggested I go back there and check out planet 1 for one of the best views in the galaxy.  So I thought I better do what he suggested, since that's the kind of thing I'm travelling around and documenting!


Silly me!  I completely forgot that this system was one of the 'shattered planets' that I talked about here.  How exciting!  So naturally I took a few photos...

Very cool...


So after doing a bit of ratting around some asteroid belts, I headed back to L1S-G1 to do some more ratting before moving on to further uncharted areas.

Interestingly, I found this fighter ship or frigate, of a design that I'd never seen before. Have any of you seen this? Can you tell me something about it?


For some reason I had a safe spot in this system. I thought I'd never been here before, but after checking the map I saw it was only 3 jumps from Molden Heath, my old stomping grounds from some time ago. I realised that I must have been down this way sometime while wandering around being a pirate. Gee, that would have been maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Ah, memories....

What a pretty photo this is.


Bored by this system. Can you tell by the photo.


I'd received a tip from Kaisi13 to watch out for this system, because there were lots of warp bubbles and gate camps.  I'm not afraid of such things, but I was thankful for the tip so I could be careful, but I was hoping to take photos of some bubbles or camps. When I got here, however, it was completely empty of people and bubbles. So I took a photo of the gate to Egbinger instead.

I thought about jumping into Molden Heath, but changed my mind - I'll be in there soon enough as I travel through the regions.  So I headed back along my route to continue on.


Another boring system, but I quite enjoyed how this gate looked against the backdrop of the nearby planet...


I know I've been here twice before now, but I decided to have another look at the shattered planet, and wow!  I found something that I hadn't seen mentioned before.

The debris around the planet seemed to have actually been orbiting it. This stuff was moving!  While I was there watching, the debris was slowly moving away from me. I tried MWD'ing after it, but it was actually faster than my measly ~1000m/s.  I decided to take a few photos from the same angle to show how they moved over a reasonably short period of time.

I decloaked for the photos only when I was alone in the system, and stayed cloaked while waiting for the debris to move on.

I'm a bit amazed that I've been to this system three times now and found something awesome each time.

I looked for some battleship rats to kill, but couldn't find any by themselves - if there were any in this system, they all flew in pairs. I didn't want to risk doing anything stupid, so I went to bed instead.

It's been quite an interesting day.  See you next time!

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  1. That design is one of the "unique" frigate designs that CCP came up with, it's a common model they use for Angel rats, both in belts and in missions. The way I see it, CCP spent the most effort on the Angels faction since all of the pirate hulls with unique models are Angels.

  2. well, in the story line, the Angels are the ones that have access to old Jovian technology, and probably the biggest and 'most important' of the NPC pirates out there.

  3. Yep, as Planetary Genocide said, it's a frigate design associated with the Angel Cartel. It's one of six NPC frigates commonly found in missions involving mercenaries and/or Angel faction elements.

    This one is the Styx. Further details can be found buried in the EVE item database, which is where I sourced the info (via iClone and EVE Universe) for my Mysteries of New Eden: The Pirate Ships blog post.