Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 17



I woke up in the station and saw that there were about a dozen people in local, but with only about 4 in the station with me, so after waiting about 10 minutes I decided to undock and make a station exit bookmark. Luckily there wasn't anyone outside, so I quickly activated the MWD and got out of range of the station and activated the cloak, and then meandered out to 200km so I could make a station exit bookmark.

This is me making a bookmark...


I did the same thing here as well. With another dozen people in local, I went to a station, waited until I saw someone undock so I could make sure where the exit was, and then made a bookmark before docking and swapping out my warp core stabilisers for some DPS mods. This was the last system with a station before I went into the badlands up north, where there wouldn't be any stations for light years around.

Hopefully that would mean it would be quiet with no one around, allowing me to get some decent ratting in before I moved on.

This is me, cloaked, in orbit around a planet before I head on to the next system.


I entered this system and found myself alone - a good sign!  But spinning slowly in space was poor zz bomba's corpse...

Now, considering that my attempts to return corpses to their owners in the past were met with rejection, I left it where it was, a forlorn and temporary monument to a recent battle that zz bomba had unfortunately lost.

Since it was empty, I warped to an asteroid belt to see what I could see, and found a rat battlecruiser and battleship sitting there. I was about to move towards them and engage, when someone entered the system.  Grrr!  I cloaked and warped to my tactical bookmark and saw it was a Hurricane pilot, sitting there off the gate.

I waited until he warped off and left the system, and then I warped back to the asteroid belt to finish it.  Unfortunately, that same pilot came back and forth through this system a couple of times, meaning that I was only able to destroy the battlecruiser before I got skittish and moved on to a system that had less traffic.  At least the battlecruiser would help improve my security status, even if it was just a little bit.

As I go, I'll keep a record of my sec status, so I can keep track of improvements. At this stage, it's -9.27.


So I entered this system and was able to engage this battleship rat and two of his rat Dramiel escorts. The drones made short work of them while I focused on the battleship, and then they joined in on the battleship onslaught.

The damn thing kept on getting away from me, so I had to pulse the MWD every now and again to keep it in range of my weapons, but eventually I succeeded. Yay! My first battleship destroyed in the Proteus.

The crew had to have a party, of course.

When everyone settled down again and the alcohol had been cleaned up, I realised there was a 'Natural Phenomenon' showing on the overview.  Naturally I warped to it and had a look.
"The depths of space are home to all kinds of cosmic anomalies, from concentrations of electromagnetic disturbance to dense clouds of rare gas. These types of areas are valued for the scientific knowledge they could impart. Though they are often dangerous, these phenomena are also the subject of frequent research expeditions."
Upon arriving, there was some kind of 'coral rock formation' surrounded by a gas cloud and some shattered asteroids that were exposing their internal crystal formations. Quite pretty...

The crew were itching to be moving on. They just didn't see the beauty in front of them. I'll have to work on that.

Speaking of the crew, I'll talk about them in another post coming soon.


I was making a bookmark in here when someone came in and activated a cyno field. I warped to it and watched, waiting to see what might turn up. I sat there for close to 10 minutes but nothing came through. Maybe they changed their mind?

Eventually the cyno dropped, the guy in the Thrasher warped off, and I was left there alone.

I moved on.


In this out-of-the-way system was another pilot, and an Abandoned Ship Wreck.
"After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with countless abandoned ships. The twisted and gnarled hulls of these empty vessels float silently, offering up no explanation as to their lonely fate."
It seemed the abandoned ship wrecks were all the same - an ancient shuttle smashed up against an asteroid like a ship against a reef.

I'd seen it before, so I didn't hang around to take any more photos.

I decided to sign off for the night. I was happy that my security status was at -9.21.  I'll do some more soon. Maybe for long enough to get it down to -8....

See you next time!

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  1. Watch out when in B-VIP and 7Q as those systems are usually bubbled and camped.

    Fly safe


  2. thanks for the heads up! Might give me a few photo opportunities :)