Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Around New Eden - Day 15



I jumped in here on my way back to Curse. Because Great Wildlands is so freakin' DEAD, I decided to get my stealth bomber and do some ratting while I'm out here. Funny thing is, it took me 70+ jumps to get to where I am now, exploring each system on the way, but to return to where I left my Nemesis is only 9 jumps away...

So off I go!

As I made my way back to the stealth bomber, I wondered if it would be a mistake... While not as fast as the covert ops ship, I knew I had an advantage in that my Aussie timezone meant that the regions just aren't that active at my normal play times.  This is definitely a good thing for me!

I jumped in the stealth bomber and headed off to another location in Curse where I could do some ratting while waiting for my Proteus skills to get themselves up to a comfortable level where I could reasonably fly it.

But I will still need to buy it, and I don't have enough money for that just yet. If you would like to help then please send me ISK in-game and I will add you to the donation screen.

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