Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're at war!

For the first time ever, I've initiated war against another corp - P.A.N.D.A. The reason for this is because they're a bunch of treasonous, backstabbing, dishonest, sonsofbitches and we want them out of the region.

They go around griefing, whenever they can get away with it. Jalif, one of my members, accepted a one-on-one with one of them a couple of weeks ago, and in the middle of the combat, in flew a bunch of his opponent's corpmates, and together they ganked Jalif to death. It turned out this was a common tactic of theirs against those that didn't know them.

They had raised the anger of a number of corps in the area, and by the time we were ready to declare war against them, two other corps had also engaged in war with them. Today our wardec was finalised and PANDA now have 3 corps at war with them.

According to PANDA's killboard, their wars with the other 2 corps have been completely uneventful, but I fully intend to change that our involvement.

Tonight birdog and I were hunting PANDAs. I engaged one of them at the gate in their home system, but he managed to evade my tackle and my own MWD was unable to keep up with him before he warped away. Another of them undocked in their Tempest battleship, and since birdog and I were in cruiser-sized ships, we left the system to go get something bigger.

I ended up selling my old mission-running battleship to birdog, and he's now the proud owner of my old Dominix. He didn't use it though when we went back into the PANDA home system again in our cruisers, and we ended up terrorising one of their members by hanging around being all threatening like, until he logged out.

So that was the first night's engagement in our war with PANDA. No kills to either side yet. Last night birdog lost a Manticore to them, because he had misjudged the changes to his missiles, but considering that occurred before the wardec took effect, we won't count that against us....

So, with it being all quiet on the western front, I went roaming through 'the loop', a series of lowsec systems that loop around and come back to the bordering systems with highsec. And on the way, I discovered something that made me laugh, and laugh, and....

I warped to a gate, about to jump to the next system, when I saw a yellow wreck icon. Yellow means some pilot lost their ship. I checked it out and discovered it was the wreck of an Arazu. I looked at the local comm channel - I was the only one in system.

Aware that someone could jump through the gate at any moment, I quickly moved to the wreck and looted it, and then quickly docked at a nearby station to offload it. After checking the market details of the following loot items:
  • covert ops cloak
  • T2 drones
  • faction ammo
  • named MWD
  • T2 sensor dampeners and scripts
  • other miscellaneous items
I found their value was just over 20 million ISK - not bad for stumbling upon the wreck at a gate in an empty system...!!

It was a good night. I sense good omens about the beginning of this war campaign.