Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another first

For the first time in my 'career' as a pirate, I have fought and beaten a member of the Foundati0n alliance. They're a bunch of antipirates operating in and around the Molden Heath area. Their usual modus operandi is to fly around in fleets, because they're afraid of decent fights.

I was sitting at a gate this evening when Lord Xibalba warped in with his Rupture. I waited for him to jump through the gate, as they so often do when they're alone, and me being flashy red and all. But he didn't jump.

With a smile, I target locked him and activated my drones. I was flying my Brutix battlecruiser this time, and released a world of hurt on him. He was firing back, of course, and even released his own drones. And then the gate guns decided to unleash a world of hurt on me too, and even though I was fitted for gank instead of tank, I was able to tank those damn guns long enough to see the Rupture pop. I didn't bother popping the pod, as I just wanted to get out of there.

I recalled the drones and activated the 'warp to' to get the hell out of there. By the time I warped off, I was down to about 20% armor, and 3 of the drones failed to get back into the drone bay in time. I should have gone for the pod as well, since I had time, but what the heck...

While sitting in a safe spot waiting for the criminal timer to count down, I could hear the crew throughout the ship celebrating their victory over a Foundati0n member. I let them party, smiling to myself as I enjoyed the victory too.

After the 15 minutes passed, I warped to a station and docked, repairing the armor. I spent another 20 minutes talking to some fleet mates, and then undocked and went to the next system over.

But wait... what's that? Oh, it's the wreck of the Rupture I destroyed, along with a few drones sitting motionless around it - including 2 of the 3 drones I'd lost! So I grabbed them, along with 2 surviving Warrior drones from the Rupture, and then continued on my way.

I was happy.

I think I'll keep flying this Brutix around for a while.


  1. Hee hee, sweet! And double-sweet, you got your drones back *and* the Rupture loot.

  2. Damn! That Brutix is one tough little mother, eh? I've got one in my hangar at Ralpha Dogs Galactic HQ that I haven't had a chance to assemble and fit out yet (since what I do these days is mostly done in industrials/transports, Thoraxes, or Myrms)...you're making me want to fire that baby up and see what I can make of it!

  3. Well done! Told you larger ships are the way to go, can get into sticky (and fun) situations very easily, and have the EHP to make it out as well.

    Just a word about foundation - the corporation 'Sporadic [something]' is a pirate corporation, while the rest of FDN tends to blob around. Spore are who you should be watching out for, as they tend to bait on gates with their -5.0+ members, then drop gangs on you after you've engaged.

    Was good flying with you yesterday, hopefully next time we'll both be around to get some kills together rather than apart, eh? =)

  4. @Mynxee no, I didn't get any loot from the Rupture... someone had already done that. But I did get the drones, which was good enough. :)

    @Erbo I think the Brutix has become a bit tougher since the QR changes, but as a PVP ship. Since you're a mission-runner, you'll get a completely different experience from it. Unless you're gonna start getting into PVP now? ;)

    @Sard Thanks mate, it was good flying with you last night. I'll keep saying it... next time you invite me to join you on a kill, don't wait for the target to be into armor when I'm still docked the next system over. :p

  5. He was into my arrrrmooooor, had to end it! ='(

    Btw, I'm officially over in Placid region now. I left a clone in Eg, will return to pirate occasionally.

  6. Watch your mouth about Foundati0n, or I'll teach your Myrmidon another lesson with my Rupture.

  7. Oops, sorry Alasseo... I don't want to be taught another lesson. Please accept my sincere apologies.