Thursday, November 20, 2008

And so it begins

What begins?

My venture into true piracy.

Tonight a group of us went hunting. We didn't really find anything, but towards the end of it all, there were a couple of bored pilots sitting at a gate - in their pods. They were taunting one of my fleet mates, who was a carebear friend from a far distant region. He'd decided to join us for the hunt, since he was in the area, and he stated that he would indeed attack neutrals and flashy reds.

So he's sitting at the gate in his Huginn, bantering back and forth in local with these two bored pod pilots. They wanted him to kill them, but he was stating he only killed pirates.

Meanwhile, I'm at a safe spot, also bored, since we hadn't found any targets. I was in my Ishkur, and I got sick of the banter in local.

I warped to the gate and target locked one of the pods, orbiting it at 500m. I activated my Damage Control, and then clicked on a distant asteroid belt and aligned myself to it. This was so that once I began firing at the pod, I could quickly warp away from the gate guns as soon as the pod was popped.

So I started firing as my ship began moving towards the far distant asteroid belt, my glance darting back and forth between my shields and the pods'. Nothing was hitting me yet, and I had only got the pod down to about 5% structure before I was out of range (about 6,000m) and not hitting it.

Frowning, I checked my systems. Nope, not a single hit from the gate guns. Shrugging, I turned the Ishkur back for another pass at the pod, which was still sitting there with his friend, also in a pod.

I quickly finished the job, and the pod went POP! And THEN the gate guns started firing. So I clicked on warp to, only realising after I slowed down and realigned that I should have selected another object in the OTHER direction.

But I managed to warp that tough little Ishkur away from those gate guns, with 95% of my structure remaining.

In local, the surviving pod pilot was still taunting my fleet mate.

"Black Claw is the man! You, however [fleet mate] are a pussy!"

And the guy was right. I've got to train my friend to stop being a carebear....

My security status went from -3.6 to -4.7. You know what that means? It means I can't go into highsec any more. No more trips 'across the border' to grab ships and equipment. It's a damn good thing that I spent the past week transporting all of my highsec assets into lowsec.

But... the really exciting thing is... I feel like I'm a real pirate now! I can't go into highsec. I'm 0.3 points away from being an OUTLAW!

This is so exciting!


  1. It's always fun to realise you've taken that one last step so many others won't ^_^ The great part is when your wingmates finally realise a day or so later that your flashyness isn't because you have a GCC!

  2. HAHA almost an Outlaw? I'd say your there. What is funny is that as a PvP guy my sec status is 5.0 baby :) I go where I please, blow up targets all the fun stuff and still I roll into Jita :)

    Still, good on ya :) I hope it is all you want it to be.

  3. Congrats Black CLaw, have fun on the dark side. :)

  4. Welcome to having both feet firmly planted on the dark side! No reason not to go straight on down to -10 now. That's the mark of true dedication to life of an outlaw, LOL! I'm (finally) almost back there myself.

  5. So, you heard we had cookies and came to the Dark Side, eh? COOL, welcome aboard mate!!!

  6. Thanks for so many comments, everyone! I didn't realise I'd get all these congratulations and welcome messages. :D

  7. Hmm. *is* there a decent market hub in lowsec Molden Heath?

  8. Yeh, it's in Istodard. Doesn't have everything though, so you'll need to get an alt or friend to go shopping in highsec for what you can't get in lowsec.

  9. Oh dear, and another goes on to the dark side! Seriously, have fun!


  10. Why didn't you kill the other pod and go all the way to being a OUTLAW?

    As the old joke goes, "We've established what you are, now we're just haggling over the price!"

  11. I was flying an Ishkur at a gate in lowsec... I just managed to get out of there after the guy's pod exploded with 95% structure left on my T2 frigate...

    If I delayed by a few seconds I would have lost my ship, so I could not have gone for the second pod.