Friday, November 07, 2008


I used to quietly hang out in the region's intel channel, which had the sole purpose of updating people on the movements of pirates. This was helpful because it let me know where the bad guys were hanging out and I could avoid them.

As I ventured into piracy myself, I stayed in this channel because I still wanted to avoid where the other pirates were camping. But I kept quiet in there, 'cause I didn't want them to know I was there (since I was into piracy as well). The members list was hidden, but you could check it if you wanted to, and see who else was in the channel

One of the measures of my success as a pirate was to be mentioned in this channel by name as someone to watch out for. When the intel channel was helping people be wary of me, then I knew I was succeeding as a pirate.

This happened yesterday, when I was mentioned by name as someone to watch out for in such-and-such system.

I danced! I was finally 'somebody', and not just a nobody!

One of the drawbacks of becoming noticed is that when they see you sitting in the channel, they ban you. I found out this morning, when logging on, that they'd banned me from the channel.

Now I won't get that good intel on where the pirates are, so I can avoid their damned gate camping!

But at least I'm somebody now... :)

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