Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's all so new...

I'm now at -5.5 on the security meter, which means I'm permanently flashy red. Between you and me, this has created an entirely new gaming experience!

Now, when I see people at a gate or station, they try to target lock me because the sentry guns no longer work in my favour. This means that every gate is a potential 'gate camp' by anyone who's there, who might want to take the opportunity to attack me.

I've been an outlaw for about 24 hours now, and I've had only a couple of random people trying to attack me at gates I've been passing through. I avoided them very quickly, because I was surprised they were trying to attack me. The consequences of being an outlaw is still very new to me, and I've got to adjust to it.

I've also discovered another interesting aspect of all this.


People are afraid of me now. They run and hide, or dock, or quickly leave the system. They call in reinforcements, and they try to hunt me down.

This is just fantastic! It really creates such new and exciting experiences, where I am more the hunted than the hunter.

Tonight was an incredibly exciting time. I entered a system where there were a dozen others in it, in an out-of-the-way, deadend system. I started chatting with one of the locals, who turned out to be an alt of someone who talked to me about my blog last week. They informed me that the local antipirate protection they had, had advised them to hide in their POS, and reinforcements were on the way. I thanked them for this intel, talked a couple more minutes, and then turned my Ishkur towards the only gate leading out.

On the other side, the excitement began.

There were about 5 heavily armed and powerful ships being flown by the antipirates - all of them waiting for me, camping the gate. My heart rate began to increase. These people wanted ME!

So I quickly ran their camp, heading for a gate that happened to be in front of me. They were in hot pursuit, and I arrived at the gate around the same time they did. I jumped through, along with them - and found even more ships on the other side of THAT gate!

Laughing at the excitement, I activated my warp drive towards a distant asteroid belt, running their second gate camp. As soon as I hit the belt, I realigned and warped off to another gate. They had pre-empted my course, however, and had already arrived at this gate, with some of them jumping through to again try and catch me on the other side.

I jumped through anyway, not having much of a choice, but confident of my abilities to laugh in the face of such danger.

On the other side there were 3 of them, waiting for me to uncloak, and I again warped off to a distant belt, followed quickly by another gate.

This time I lost them, and I jumped into a system that was empty of their presence. I quickly docked, choosing safety over the constant danger of being 'on the run'. But none of them jumped into the system, and I managed to take a breather and calm myself down.

That was an awesome experience, and very enjoyable! It was even more exciting than actually getting a kill!

Being a pirate is different to anything I've experienced before, but it's so much more enjoyable too.

Being the hunter or the hunted has just increased in intensity.


  1. Nice of you to visit, BC! Sorry about the "welcoming committee". See you again out there!

    PS: a ransom is always considered! =)

  2. hey, nice to see you here! Are you offering to pay ransoms, or offering me the opportunity to pay YOU a ransom?


  3. Great post, I was giggling the whole way through it. How well I know the fun of being chased! It is indeed almost as fun as hunting and killing someone yourself...and the conversations are usually more entertaining. Welcome to life on the truly dark side!

  4. Thanks Mynxee. It's nice to be part of the same world you're in. :)

  5. Nice post BC. :) LMAO. Now we'll know you when we see a flashing red bar in our threats screen or overview ;) :). We'll probably say hi and wave on the run ;) hehe

  6. LMAO better get that arazu training finished quick mate, then the fun really begins.

  7. Pros: individuals are more inclined to give you a fight while roaming.

    Cons: Much easier to get ganked while roaming.

    I respect your decision to go blinky: it takes a lot of guts to leave gate gun protection behind. Personally I'd roam 0.0 and kill rats on the way to keep my sec up, as there are too many occasions roaming with my Harbinger where gate guns won fights for me, or dissuaded small ship gangs from ganking me.

  8. Loved this post. Great stuff and I'm not even a swarthy pirate like you! Was I rooting for the Anti-Pirates?....No! hehe :P

  9. @Selena all Eve Bloggers are blue to me. I know not all Eve Bloggers feel the same way, but I don't attack any of my friends, at all. So none of you will be attacked by me. :)

    @birdog I'll finish the Arazu training just after xmas, so in the new year I'll be out there, cloaked, hunting... oh my, I can't wait!

    @Sard thanks... I don't feel like it takes guts to leave gate gun protection behind, it just feels like making a decision and being happy with it. But maybe that takes guts, I dunno... do those with 'guts' know they have it? *shrug*

    @Yomma swarthy pirate? HAHAHAHA. I'm not swarthy, but it's funny you might think so. :D