Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boy, they have it easy in 0.0

I just realised something... Those people out there in 0.0 space really do have it easy!  

Let's look at life in 0.0 space for pilots - they're not pirates, 'cause they can't break the law if there's no laws...
  1. They don't have to worry about sentry guns, and can go anywhere, and engage anywhere
  2. Everyone not blue is an enemy, so they know who to avoid. See #3
  3. They fly around in fleets, so they've always got the protection of their friends
  4. The most dangerous spots are the main entry points into 0.0 space, which are often protected by alliances. Everywhere else is safer than highsec. See #2 and #3
That's about it, really.  Life is pretty easy for 0.0 pilots...

Let's look at life in lowsec for pirates:
  1. They have to worry about sentry guns, limiting options for engagement
  2. Low security status prevents them from going everywhere
  3. Everyone not blue is not an enemy, but they're all targets.  See #1
  4. They fly around solo, so they have to rely on their skills and their wits. See #1
  5. Every lowsec system is dangerous. See #1
  6. After attacking someone, they have to wait out a 'criminal timer' which forces them to sit in a safe spot. See #1
  7. Fleets of pilots from 0.0 space roam around lowsec looking for excitement, since 0.0 is so boring. This only makes the pirates bored, as they wait for these fleets to move on before getting back to their piracy
  8. Accidentally jumping into highsec when chasing someone not only gets grief from #1, but from CONCORD too
  9. There are soft targets and hard targets. Making a decision about who to engage can be a real nightmare!
  10. Lowsec pilots are hated and feared... No one cares about 0.0 pilots
So now you can see that they really have it easy in 0.0.  The real men? The real warriors?  They're in lowsec.

So next time you see a flashy red pirate, give them a salute before they attack you. Give them the ransoms they ask for. 

You can't imagine the stress they're going through, and they need your support.   Help a pirate today. 


  1. omg so true! And not only that, nobody trusts pirates, and they have no way to prove that they will honour that ransom or that 1v1 challenge.

  2. Yes... yes we do

    but everyone blue does not necessarily mean they are not enemies...

  3. Good post! I just had *yet another* 0.0 alliance try and recruit my corp to join them. It's really hard to explain to some of these folks why low sec is so much more fun! I really can't imagine living anywhere else. Or in any other way in New Eden, but as a pirate.

  4. Additional changes that you should list care of the QR patch. Webs are almost useless against most targets now. Some gates are so large you need almost 10 people in a HIC's to camp them.

    Low Sec is more dangerous than 0.0 by far and yet we are called the noobs.


  5. I think low sec = the Suxor. I hate it. I avoid it at all costs and very very rarely do I venture there, tbh it seems the "deck" is stacked against you. plus the security hit make logistics a HUGE nightmare. I do respect you pirates but I would nto live in low sec if you paid me...I guess it is all or noting at all (0.0 or empire)

  6. Null sec may seem more attractive at first glance but remember: its a lot easier to get kicked out of good 0.0 space than it is to get removed from any low sec space.

    Plus far fewer stations to dock up at, enemy fleets that roam through your territory, bubbles(!), and of course, politics. Endless politics for your corp, your alliance, your blues, your reds, your naps, the incidences, the recruitment for numbered needed to hold your space, the failure cascade when pure numbers is insufficient to overcome sheer stupidity....

    0.0 is attractive, but she is a cruel mistress at the same time.

  7. All good points. I suggest moving to null.

    If you need a new corp set in 0.0, I invite you to the Ushra'Khan.

  8. Null sec's just a bit dull. Camping a gate with bubbles and sensor boosters is all well and good but there's far less chance for a solo test of wits. That lone interceptor is probably point for a gang and that T1 frig even more so. I much prefer life out here in lowsec.

    I wouldn't say its safer than high security space, though. Its just that because you know everyone is hostile you end up doing nothing and then not being shot.

  9. The weapons bans in low-sec (Interdiction spheres, mobile warp disruption bubbles, bombs) drastically add to the tactical differences between lawless space and lo-sec empire, and show that neither space is really "better" than another... just a different set of rules. It is a bit of a double standard to complain about gate-guns (for example) while also taking advantage of their added incedental DPS against targets.

    (As well, one cannot completely seperate the concept of piracy with bounties and "wanted flags", neither of which are acquired in lawless regions. Some pirates actually hold these as tokens of their status and keep themselves in lo-sec where they have some relevance.)

    Lo-sec markets are much more conducive for the type of behavior that traditional pirates are known for as well, as the variety of ships/fitting available are much broader and more affordable for one living off the meagre proceeds of a pirate. This is a huge factor in the preference for lo-sec as opposed to lawless space for extended forays. Being able to actually dock somewhere at all helps, too.

    Piracy in nullsec involves the same amount of "avoiding fleets" as it does in lo-sec, the difference being that in nullsec it is entirely possible to have a system cluster locked down for hours, or even days, while waiting for it to cool down. These fleets in lo-sec generally don't have any higher purpose and bugger off quite rapidly in comparison.

    (in reference to #9)- At least there is a choice between soft and hard targets... In lawless systems there is rarely a choice.

    For all practical purposes I spend about 50% of my time in lawless space, andthe other 50% in empire lo-sec. The transition borders are by far the worst areas, but other than that each provides unique opportunities to practice the art of roguery.

  10. Yeah, 0.0 is for homers who wanna fly around blowing each other in megafleets.

    It's basically like Supercarebearism, because the only reason to have 0.0 space is to have the best ratting (pve) or the best mining (pve).

    As a matter of fact, I consider militia warfare peeps and war declaration corp wars in highsec to be more hardcore than nullsec'ers.

    "Oh look we can put up a bubble and you can't warp your ship OR pod and can do nothing but sit there and get pummeled by our 30 ship fleet, oh and if there's more than 2 gate fires we'll all warp off like the pussies were are like that one time when The Bastards did a Leroy Jenkins into 0.0 and the big bad nullsec'ers ran away."

    Fun stuff, indeed.