Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What do you find frustrating?

One of our fellow bloggers has asked what we find frustrating: What is frustrating about Eve?. I thought about answering it with a comment on his post, but decided to instead make a post of my own about it.

Apart from the usual frustrations with lag, and blobbing (even though it's simply an element of the game, it's still frustrating!), I have something that frustrates me greatly right now.

When CCP released the 1.02 patch for Quantum Rising, they really screwed it up for Mac users. I don't know if it affects all Mac users or just some of them, but here's the problem we have.
  • Typing causes lag.
  • Not only does it cause lag, but letters keep getting dropped. Often. Do you know how frustrating it is to spend 2 mins on a 10-second sentence, simply because you have to keep backspacing to put in the letters that get dropped? FRAKKIN' FRUSTRATING!
  • If you enable Eve Voice the keyboard stops working. Completely. It simply will not work. If you tab out of the game, it works fine, but tab back into the game again, nothing. When you disable Eve Voice, the keyboard will work again - but drops more letters than usual.
  • Eve Voice does not work. At all. It just doesn't work any more since the patch.
Now, CCP have advised in the Mac forum they're aware of this bug. But do you think they're actually working to fix it? I don't think so.

This new patch coming out this week does not seem to address the issues for us Mac users, at least they don't actually specify that these Mac issues are being fixed. If the fix is there, I'll be happy. But if it's not, then I'll be even angrier than what I am.

All the talk CCP has about how wonderful the game is? Try being a Mac user, and you'll have a completely different perspective. And we don't even have Premium graphics, and there's apparently no plans at this stage to give us the Premium graphics either.

So if you have something that frustrates you, think of the Mac users. You've got nothing, baby. Don't even start with me.


  1. Jesu, thanks for the warning. I'm due for a new Mac laptop quite soon, and I was considering loading Eve on there, but if it's that bad, maybe I'll wait o_O

  2. totally agree!!! It happens to me all the time. And also I can not use the F11 to do scanning because I get weird images instead of the map... very annoying!

  3. Well, last night, I tried setting up the Linux client and I didn't even get THAT far; it crashed right after I tried to select my character...

    It may be my system though. I only just last night figured out the accelerated video drivers for X.

  4. There was a rollback patch offered on the forums that fixed the eve voice & keyboard problems for me. Things are better but I still get no better than 7fps in space--approx 1/3 or or 1/4 of what I used to get. And under fire a 10 on 10 brings me into 0.5fps slideshow mode. Getting on KMs at all right now requires my finest piloting.

    The problem stems from the Windows emulation layer which CCP is licensing. Officially CCP is working on giving us Premium content but cannot provide an ETA because again, it is dependent on the emulation layer.

    So yeah, I agree. The Mac Client needs serious love. I believe CCP is working to fix it but without more Mac players they can't justify allocating more dedicated development resources.

    Rumor has it that either running the Windows version through Bootcamp or through the very latest version of Parallels (and playing Eve on Mac w/o Parallels is painful anyway: no EFT or EveMon) improves the play experience greatly but I haven't had time/energy to experiment due to the season.

  5. Wait for it.......buy a PC!
    /me runs from the shower of stones thrown by the Mac users.

    ;-) Sry to hear that BC. I must say, I would be seriously pissed if I had a Mac.

  6. It's frustrating. Also I can't get 2 clients to run together on the mac anymore.

    I use EFT and EveMon on the mac. EFT runs pretty perfectly under Darwine and EveMon has a mono build that is not perfect, but usable.

    Darwine: http://www.kronenberg.org/darwine/

    EveMono: http://evemon.battleclinic.com/snaps_mono/

    Mono runtime: http://www.mono-project.com/

  7. Solution to your problems:

    (1) Give in and install Windows or buy a PC.
    (2) ???
    (3) Profit!

  8. If you load Bootcamp onto your Mac, and then Windows XP, you'll be able to use the Windows version of Eve, and WITH the Premium graphics.

    Sucks to be me, 'cause my version of Windows XP finds that my MacBook Pro (last year's model) is incompatible hardware and refuses to install.

    So until I upgrade the notebook, I'm stuck with the Mac version.

    And no, I will not go out and buy a PC just to play a game. I moved away from PC's 'cause after 12 years of Windows, I was over it like you wouldn't believe. I have a HP laptop with Windows Vista which is what turned me to Apple computers last year.

    That laptop needs repairs now... should I spend the AU$900 to repair it just so I can play Eve on it?

    What do you guys think? :)

  9. for AU$900?

    For a little bit more you can get a full low to mid end gaming machine.

  10. Hey Derken, you're right. However, for $900 I can repair my high-end laptop which was worth close to $3000 at the beginning of last year. It'll probably still be worth around 2k today, so I should actually repair it and then sell it. THEN I'll profit. :D